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Got a smartphone? Good.


Rent cars with just a smartphone

You can use your smartphone to rent a car. It's easy, convenient, and saves time. No need to stand in line at the car rental counter or fill in annoying paperwork. All you need is an Android or iOS phone and your driver's license. To start using our car2go carsharing app to rent cars straight from the street, just follow our quick-start guide:

1. Download the car2go carsharing app

2. Create an account and validate your driver's license

3. Choose a car in the app and tap on "Start" to rent it

4. The trip will start and the car's door will unlock automatically

More App Features


Get a push notification when a car appears

We know. It's tricky to get an available car2go during rush hour. It's also a pain to constantly monitor the carsharing app for the next car that shows up. So we got you covered with one awesome feature. The radar sends you a push notification the moment a car2go becomes available. You can even set multiple radars at different times and locations.

1. Start the carsharing app

2. Tap on the radar icon on the map. Or long-tap (press and hold) on the map until the radar pops up

3. Set your desired start time and search radius

4. Repeat the steps above to set more radars

You can see all set radars under "List". Each radar expires after 1 hour. In selected locations, you can auto-reserve the first car the radar finds.

You'll find the radar at the bottom of the map (iOS) or in the upper-right corner (Android).


Refine your search for the right vehicle

So many cars, so little time. With hundreds of cars of different types and prices in the city, it can be tricky to find the right one for your needs. Maybe you want a baby seat. Or you feel like a Mercedes-Benz today. Or an electric vehicle. Or more luggage room for your shopping bags. Or seat heating. (Just kidding, all our cars have seat heating.) Use the filter to refine your search by specifying what you're looking for.

1. Start the app

2. Tap on the filter icon on the map

3. Select the car types and features you're looking for and tap "Start"

You can even use the filter to see all DriveNow cars in your city. The filter settings will stay the same until you edit them again.

You'll find the filter at the bottom of the map (iOS) or in the upper-right corner (Android).


Tell us if the car is damaged

Before starting your trip, you should check the car for damages. (Yup, just like you were taught during your driver's lessons.) Besides caring for your own safety on the road, this ensures that you won't be held responsible for damages possibly caused by drivers before you. No need to report minor damages, though.

1. Start the app

2. Tap on a car and start your rental

3. Walk around the car for a quick check

4. If you spot anything, like a flat tire or a crack in the windshield, tap on "Report damage"


Make the car's headlights blink

So you've reserved a car2go, but have no idea which one it is. This features comes in handy when you're looking for a car2go in crowded parking garages, such as at the airport. To help you find your reserved car, just use the "blink" feature. The headlights will flash so you'll know which car it is. Available in all Mercedes models and also in the newer smart cars.

Car Sharing App Download

We weren't voted top 10 apps of 2017 by TIME for no reason.

You can choose from hundreds of cars parked all over the city. Reserve the car for 20 minutes. Just walk over, unlock the car with the app, hop in and drive.

    • Apple app store
    • Google play store

    When you're done, you can park the car pretty much anywhere in the Home Area for free. Just swipe in the carsharing app to end your trip. Or return the car key to the glove compartment and walk away. The trip will end and the car will lock by itself.

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      • Google play store