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Are there any recurring costs (e.g. annual membership fees)?

No. All you pay is a one-off validation fee of €9.00 at the beginning of your membership. After this, you only pay for your journeys.

Can I drive car2go in another city?

Yes, after a successful registration in Austria you can use car2go in all European car2go cities. All car2go vehicles can be opened with the car2go app. Please be aware that rentals elsewhere come with local prices and terms & conditions. So, make sure you catch up on which requirements need to be met, before you can use car2go in foreign cities or countries for example on this website. More information about this you’ll find with the FAQ: “Which requirements need to be met, before I can use car2go in foreign countries?”

How can I cancel a reservation?

Simply press "Cancel" in the app to cancel your reservation.

How can I edit my personal details?

That's easy! Simply login on car2go.com with your user name and password. Once you're logged in, you can change address, telephone number, e-mail, password and PIN.

Please keep your data up-to-date.

Please note that names cannot be changed online. This aims to protect your personal data against fraud. To change your name, please complete this form , return it, signed, by e-mail and attach a copy of your marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate or name change certificate. To change your email address, please complete this form.

You can also block your user account in this area, in case you lost your smartphone.

How can I start the rental via car2go app?

Vehicles WITH "open via car2go app"-symbol

• Use the car2go app to search for a vehicle nearby.

• Make a reservation for free for 30 minutes if you want to.

• Then click "start rental" in the app.

• If you have not confirmed the general terms and conditions of the country you are in yet, there will be a pop-up notice about the general terms and conditions, the price list and data protection consent. If you have already confirmed the general terms and conditions – for example while your registration – this step is omitted.

• Type in your PIN into the app.

• Type in the vehicle code of the car2go you want to rent. You can find the vehicle code in the display on the windshield.

• The car2go unlocks and your rental starts.

Vehicles WITHOUT "open via car2go app"-symbol

• Use the car2go app to search for a vehicle nearby.

• Make a reservation for free if you want to.

• Then click "start rental" in the app.

• If you have not confirmed the general terms and conditions of the country you are in yet, there will be a pop-up notice about the general terms and conditions, the price list and data protection consent. After confirming them, the vehicle unlocks. If you have already confirmed the general terms and conditions – for example while your registration – this step is omitted.

• You can now open your car2go and the rental starts.

• Do the usual vehicle-check.

• Further steps will follow, such as PIN entry, vehicle evaluation etc. on the touchscreen of the car2go.

How do I register for car2go?

To use car2go, please register at car2go Österreich GmbH and open your personal car2go account. There you will need to provide your first name, surname and a valid email address. Furthermore, you need to choose a username and password. If you wish to use car2go, please fill in your bank account data and your driver’s license data while registering.

1. Download car2go app

The car2go app is the key to your car2go. Just download the latest version of the smartphone app (Download for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackbBerry), validate and you’re ready to find and open the vehicles with the app and start driving. Everything about the rental process via smartphone can be found at rent.car2go.com.

2. Validate

After registration come to one of our validation points and show your ID card* and your driver’s license**.

We look forward to seeing you!

* Proof of identity with photograph: identity card, if you are a Greman or EU citizen. If you are a non- EU citizen, you must bring along your passport with certificate of registration, since the passport only will be accepted for the validation. The registration certificate is used to check the place of residence.

** Following driving licences are accepted:

- European driving licences from the EU/EEA and of Switzerland.

-Driver's licenses of non-EU/-EWR/-Schweiz countries are only valid in conjunction with an international driving licence or a certified translation of the national licence and are valid for six months from entry. Proof of entry can be provided with a flight ticket, the registration certificate or the visa.

How do I start the rental?

Go to your car2go and press "Start rental" in the app. The app will show you that the rental has started and you will hear the car opening.

How does parking work?

If you just want to park, rather than ending the rental, lock the car2go and simply take the key with you.

How does the refueling work?

You will find a prepaid fuel card in the holder, in which the car key is stored as well. The PIN for the fuel card will appear in the car2go app or on the touchscreen in the center console, depending on the vehicle model. Please enter the PIN and the mileage of the vehicle at the gas station terminal and keep the receipt. When refueling at other gas stations you will be charged for the processing of the receipts in accordance with our payment conditions.

How long can I reserve a car2go?

With the car2go app, you find out immediately, which vehicles are available nearby. Choose one and reserve it up to 30 minutes in advance.

How many vehicles can I reserve at the same time?

It's only possible to reserve one vehicle at a time. This is in keeping with the spirit of the car2go community, which shares all its vehicles.

My reservation has failed – what might be the cause?

It may occur that one reservation is made at the very same moment when another customer is trying to reserve the same vehicle. In such cases you can reserve another vehicle or rent a car2go spontaneously. Your reservation will be cancelled free of charge.

Please be aware of some basic car2go reservation rules: you can reserve only one vehicle at a time and the same vehicle only once every 2 hours. This way we make sure that our free floating concept is available for the car2go community and the vehicles do not stay blocked unnecessary.

What are car2go's bank details?

You will find the bank details of car2go in your country on our local contact pages (SwedenAustriaGermanyItalyNederlandsSpain). Reason for payment: your first name and surname or company name. Please make sure that the amount is exactly the same amount as listed in the invoice / reminder.

What do I have to do in order to reserve a car2go in a foreign country?

In case you want to use car2go in a foreign country, you must reserve the vehicle in advance via the latest version of the official car2go app and accept the local T&Cs.

What should I refuel?

You can refuel at all OMV, Avanti, BP and Eni stations in Austria with Super 95 petrol. The PIN for the fuel card appears, depending on the vehicle model, in the car2go app or on the touch screen in the center console. Please enter the PIN and the mileage of the car2go at the counter and keep the receipt. When refueling at petrol stations other than the above mentioned ones you will be charged administration fees for the processing of your receipts according to our pricing table.

Where are objects that were found in a car2go stored?

Principally, all the items that are found by the service team or submitted by car2go users are passed on to our shop.

If you once lose anything in a car2go let us know personally in the shop or inform us via e-mail to vienna@car2go.com

Where can I find a list of car2go Android app permissions?

The car2go Android app uses the permissions listed below for the following reasons:

  • android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION
  • android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION
  • android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE

To improve the customer GPS location quality so that your location is as precise as possible on the map

  • android.permission.AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS maxSdkVersion=22
  • android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS maxSdkVersion=22
  • android.permission.MANAGE_ACCOUNTS maxSdkVersion=22
  • android.permission.USE_CREDENTIALS maxSdkVersion=22

To secure the login to the car2go app

  • android.permission.INTERNET

Internet access necessary to e.g. display the available vehicles

  • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE maxSdkVersion=22
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

To support the in-app drivers license revalidation

  • android.permission.VIBRATE
  • android.permission.WAKE_LOCK
  • android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE
  • android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED
  • android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS
  • android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE
  • android.permission.ACCESS_DOWNLOAD_MANAGER

Push messaging for car2go Radar feature (incl. Baidu Push)

  • android.permission.USE_FINGERPRINT

Fingerprint authentication when you choose to use the fingerprint instead of your car2go PIN to open vehicles

  • com.google.android.providers.gsf.permission.READ_GSERVICES

For Google Maps & Google Cloud Messaging

Where can I park the car2go?

You can park the car2go on any publicly accessible parking space within the business region. Please note the local parking rules in place; you can find these on the website under "How it works".

Which car2go vehicles can be opened with the car2go app?

In our European locations you can find vehicles with different technologies. All car2go can be opened with the car2go App. You can see the difference by the smartphone symbol labelled "open via car2go app". This symbol can be found in the vehicle details in the app, on the website or on a sticker located on the windshield of the car2go. Vehicles with the "open via car2go app" symbol can only be opened with the car2go app.

Who can join car2go?

You can drive car2go if you are at least 18 years old but not older than 89 and in possession of a valid driver's license for at least 1 year. International driving licenses are accepted in connection with the respective national driving license, as long the license authorize to drive a vehicle in Austria.

To sign up you need the following:

•Austrian bank account or credit card, which runs on the name of each customer.

•driver's license (EU)

•e-mail address


Will I be a member forever, or will my membership expire at some point?

As long as you do not cancel your contract or car2go does not terminate your membership for breaching the terms and conditions, your membership will not expire.