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On November 12th, we became SHARE NOW.

Ready to SHARE NOW?

On November 12th, we became SHARE NOW.

Here's what our new car-sharing app holds for you:

New App

We're putting your personal freedom first. By cherry-picking the best from car2go and DriveNow, we're bringing your car-sharing experience to the next level.

New Cars

Our cars will get an exciting makeover. And cool new cars are coming. Watch out for BMW and MINI cars as they join our global fleet in more and more cities.

Bigger Home Areas

We're expanding the Home Areas in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Vienna, and Milan. And new cities are coming!



Thousands of cool cars, one app.

SHARE NOW is the world's leading car-sharing provider. Easy car rentals and cool cars around the world – all in one app. The app will launch in app stores on November 12th, 2019.

Pro tip: If you use car2go, you already have the future SHARE NOW app in your hands. On November 12th, the car2go app will update into SHARE NOW. To be one of the first to SHARE NOW, simply turn on automatic app updates.

New to car-sharing and can't wait to SHARE NOW? Get a headstart by downloading the car2go app.


Your personal freedom

A car-sharing joint venture between car2go and DriveNow, SHARE NOW is a disruptive new way of car rental. Our mission is your personal freedom: To make it possible for you to drive in the city without breaking the bank – or the environment. With just one app, we put thousands of the world's coolest cars at your fingertips. We take our cue from a long line of pioneers in the automotive industry, and we think big:

  • Mercedes-Benz, BMW, smart, MINI
  • 20,500+ Cars Worldwide
  • 3,200+ Electric Cars
  • 26 Cities, 14 Countries


The SHARE NOW fleet

More cars, more personality. You're welcome.


I'm ready for anything.


I'm the powersuit you never had.


I've got style and swag.


Size is everything.


When can I start using SHARE NOW?

Right away. Simply download the SHARE NOW app directly from the App Store or Google Play and register today.


Do I have to do anything?

If you turn on automatic app updates: No need to do anything! You'll automatically have SHARE NOW on your phone and can start driving immediately. If you need to log in, simply skip registration and log in with your car2go email and password. Easy.

Will the SHARE NOW app be... different?

Yes, in some key ways! For example, keyless cars will join our global fleet. For improved security, trips will no longer end automatically in the future. You need to end trip in the app. Over time, we'll remove the windshield units from all cars. To start a trip, you'll need Bluetooth and your PIN.