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Minute rates

With car2go you can always have a car, whenever you need one. Just reserve one nearby and drive spontaneously and flexibly within the home area.







car2go packages

With the car2go packages, you can simply and easily book a car2go for a longer period of time.

You can book car2go packages for 2, 4 or 6 hours or even for a whole day. Each package contains a fixed number of included kilometres.

All inclusive

You only pay the price per minute – all costs for parking, refueling and insurance* are already included.


You can return the vehicle to any parking space that is accessible to everybody in the car2go home area for free. Parking on private or company spaces is not allowed for car2go vehicles.** If you park your car2go outside the home area, additional costs may occur.


No hidden costs: The insurance is always included in the price.


You can park your carsharing vehicle without a detour to petrol or charging station. Should you still need to charge or refuel, we will credit 10 free minutes*** to your account for a level of < 25%. Please only tank at OMV, Avanti, BP und Eni stations and only Super 95**** fuel.


With car2go driving is hassle-free and convenient. Our service team cares about the service, cleaning and maintenance of the cars. You drive, do the rest.

Pricing in detail

One time validation fee9,00 €
Long distance fee after inclusive mileage is exceeded0,29 € / km
Included mileage within minute tariff (without booking a package)200 km
Included mileage within package tariffAs indicated at booking
Airport fee (for rentals starting and ending at the
12,00 €
Free minutes for refuelingFill level below 25%: 10 free minutes
Loss or damage of car2go refuel/ charging/ parking card50,00 €
Loss of vehicle ignition key350,00 €
Cost of re-parking of unlawfully parked vehicles by service team50,00 €
Passing on of third party invoices for damages caused by customers
(Towing operations, parking violations, etc.)
According to invoice of third party
Processing of towing operations50,00 €
Processing of accidents and vehicle damage50,00 €
Service drive to vehicle due to customers fault50,00 €
Processing of traffic violations, misdemeanors, warning money and fueling bill10,00 €
Special cleaning or repair of the vehicle due to a violation of the car2go T&CAccording to expenditure, as many as 50,00 €
Processing of debit declines3,10 €
Processing of payment reminders2,50 €
Unauthorized trips in foreign countries250,00 €
Special cases, criminally relevant issues150,00 €
Handing over of the vehicle to unauthorized persons, unauthorized transmission of the Membercard and customer login data250,00 €
Charges of usage of the “emergency and technical support” hotlineLocal rate

Tariff overview

Find an overview of our prices here.


Within the Home Area, you can pick up and park your car2go anywhere you like. In specific zones there's an additional fee for ending the rental:

When ending your rental in zone B there will be an additional drop off fee of €4.90.

See the complete map here:
Home Area

    Such fees will not be charged, if you are able of proving you are not responsible for such damages, that no damage occurred or that the actually occurred damage is inferior to the fee.

    *In case of an accident a deductible may apply. For more information take a look at the T&C’s.

    ** In all car2go cities, special arrangements for parking may occur. Therefore take a look here on the website before you start your journey, which rules apply in your city.

    *** Free minutes can only be booked on a private standard car2go account.

    **** If you refuel with a different kind of fuel, we will charge the costs incurred.