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Airport Parking in Calgary

car2go parking is available at Park2Go Value Valet, located next to the Calgary International Airport.

car2go gives you an airport transportation option that is convenient and stress-free (or at least, less stressful than TSA lines). Drive yourself in the car of your choice to the airport without waiting on drivers to pick you up, and without signing contracts that airport car rentals require. Avoid costly cab fares, slow shuttles, or begging friends for rides.

In addition to your trip cost, it’s just $12.50 (plus tax) for any trips ending at or and leaving from Park2Go and Hampton Inn by Hilton Calgary Airport North.

How to park a car2go by the Calgary airport

It costs just an additional $12.50 (plus tax) for trips to and from Park2Go and Hampton Inn by Hilton Calgary Airport North.

  • Go to Park2Go

    Enter the lot at 2121 100 Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta, T3J 3N5. Proceed through the gate and follow the car2go parking signs to your right, where the designated parking stalls are located.

  • Park in the car2go spots

    End your trip in one of the designated car2go stalls located next to the Park2Go Value Valet building. Note that only one car per stall is permitted.

  • Take the airport shuttle

    Proceed to the Park2Go 24/7 shuttle located across from the car2go parking spots. The shuttle leaves as soon as it has passengers and will take you to the airport in less than 9 minutes. The cost of the shuttle is included in your drop off fee.

car2go parking at Calgary airport

How to pick up a car2go at the Calgary airport

Reserve your car

Reserve a car2go after your plane lands via the car2go app. Please note you will have 30 minutes to get to the vehicle.

Board the shuttle

Exit through the "Meeting Place B" doors on the arrivals level and proceed to Post 24 to meet the Park2Go shuttle. If there is no Park2Go greeter at Post 24, please call 403-532-4844 to request one. Service is available 24/7. When asked for your return slip, just let the driver know you're picking up a car2go.

Grab your car and go

The shuttle will drop you off outside the Park2Go Value Valet office where you’ll find your car2go. Return to the Home Area and end your trip at your final destination. Welcome home!