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Our rates include:



Park in any approved legal spot and the cost is on us.



Don't have car insurance? No problem. Insurance is always included in the price.



Running errands and road trips just got cheaper. Never pay for gas: there's no need to refuel when you're done with a car.

car2go Packages

We know life can get unpredictable but your trip costs shouldn’t be. With our new Trip Packages you’ll have the option to select a package that best suits your needs. Each package differs in time and cost, so you know what you’re getting before you go.

If your Trip Package runs out before you’re done – don’t sweat it! You’ll be charged the minute rate until you’re ready to complete your trip.

Prices at a glance*

Every package contains a fixed amount of minutes and mileage. The minute rate and package pricing will vary depending on the time, location, and day of your rental. Choose the right deal for your plans – and save on the minute rate. All prices will be clearly marked in the car2go app for each vehicle at the time you start your trip or make your reservation. For details regarding full mileage and trip pricing updates, please see the table below.*

Minute rate
(200 km)
1 hour
(60 km)
3 hours
(80 km)
6 hours
(120 km)
1 day
(200 km)
2 days
(300 km)
3 days
(400 km)
smart$0.32 - $0.42$15.99 - $19.99$35.99 - $44.99$49.99 - $59.99$69.99 - $89.99$99.99 - $119.99$149.99 - $189.99
Mercedes-Benz$0.39 - $0.49$19.99 - $24.99$45.99 - $59.99$69.99 - $89.99$99.99 - $119.99$179.99 - $229.99$249.99 - $309.99
Note: You may drive outside of the Home Area, but you must return to the same Home Area to end your trip.


How can I see the current price of a car?

The minute rate and package pricing will vary depending on the time, location, and day of your rental. To see the pricing for any vehicle, just tap on a car2go on the map.

How can I find cars with the lowest prices?

Cars with reduced rates are marked on the map with a special red sticker.

Will the rate change after I start a trip?

Nope. The rate is fixed from the moment you reserve a car2go or start a trip.

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How do I book a package with the app?

You'll book a package just before you start your next trip.Select a car2go that's close by and you're ready to start.

Once you select a car, you'll see the option to select a package instead of using the minute rate.

(Prices shown in mock-up image may not represent actual pricing)

    From there, you'll see the various car2go packages offered at the moment. Just pick the one that's right for you!

    (Prices shown in mock-up image may not represent actual pricing)

      We'll show a confirmation screen before your selection is final, so you can make sure everything looks good. Now you can start the rental and get going!

      (Prices shown in mock-up image may not represent actual pricing)

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I book a car2go package in advance?

        Trip packages can be selected at any time during the 30 min. reservation period. Packages cannot be purchased or modified once you have entered the vehicle.

        Can I use my car2go credit to pay for packages?

        Sure! car2go credit is automatically applied to trips charged on your default payment profile. This includes when you’ve booked a package.

        What happens if I don’t use all the time on my package?

        Trip Packages are non-refundable and leftover time cannot be applied to future rentals.

        What if I go over the time that’s included in the package?

        Sometimes trips take longer than planned! If your rental exceeds the time limit associated with the Trip Package, your trip will not adjust to another package, instead you’ll be billed by-the-minute for the remainder of your trip.


        What happens if I stop somewhere during my trip?

        You can do a stopover somewhere like a grocery store or friend’s house without ‘giving up’ your car – simply turn off the car and take the keys with you. If you didn’t book a package, the minute rate will still apply (think of it like keeping the meter running).

        If you did book a package, when you make a stopover, simply take the key with you to keep your rental active. If you return the key to the holder both your rental and package will end.

        Additional rates and fees

        One-time sign-up cost$5
        + Get $10 car2go credit*
        Driver Protection Fee (DPF)
        For your first 200 trips in a calendar year; resets annually. The Driver Protection Fee reduces the deductible to $750 until you reach your 91st trip of a calendar year - afterwards your deductible is $0! (Barring violation of the terms and conditions)
        + taxes
        Reservation extension (15 min.)$2
        + taxes
        Long distance fee
        car2go will charge $0.49/km after you exceed the allotted mileage in any package or per minute rate. For current rates, please consult the car2go app
        + taxes
        For other possible charges, please see the fee structure:Other fees
        Any portion of a minute used is charged as a full minute.
        A day is defined as 24 hours from the start of your trip.
        The minute rate includes up to 200 kilometers per trip.
        After you exceed the allotted time in any package, car2go will charge $0.32/minute for a smart fortwo and $0.45/minute for a Mercedes-Benz.

        Please note that coverage is provided by car2go’s third party insurance provider.

        *Taxes and fees apply to all rates. car2go credit is applied to the default payment profile, is valid for 30 days (unless otherwise specified), is only redeemable in the member’s country. A taxable $1 Driver Protection Fee will be applied to each member’s first 200 trips of each calendar year.

        **Limited-time offer. Taxes and fees apply. A taxable $1 fee will be applied to your first 200 trips each calendar year. An additional $0.49/Km will be applied if the total mileage amount of the package is exceeded.