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Park for free in Calgary

car2go offers you ultimate parking freedom. To end your rental simply park your car2go on public, on-street parking within the Calgary Home Area. The best part? It costs you nothing.

Where to park: It's pretty simple: as long as you end your trip in any approved public, on-street parking space, you're good to leave the car and go. Just be sure to check our parking rules below for where you can and can't park.

    VIP parking: certain parking spots in Calgary are reserved just for car2go members. Look for blue Ps on the app- the number indicates available cars (lighter blue Ps means there are no available cars there).

      Where you can park

      Unless further restrictions are present, you may park in*:

      Tip: Save your change – we cover the cost of meters!

      2+ hour on-street zones in non-commuter lanes

      Residential on-street parking including permit-only zones within the Home Area

      Unrestricted on-street spaces within the Home Area

      *Further restrictions include: No parking or stopping zones, on-street spaces where parking restrictions will apply in the future, etc. Since you never know when another car2go member will use the car next, a trip should never be ended in a further restricted parking space regardless of when the restriction begins or ends. See 'Where you can't park' below for more info.

      Where to make a stopover

      Stopover mode lets you run inside for an errand without giving up the car.

      • Outside the car2go Calgary Home Area
      • Parking spaces that are owned by a private party; such as a school, business or residence
      • Parking garages, lots, or other facilities

      Tip: We cover the cost of meters, but if during a stopover you park somewhere that requires payment, the cost is on you.

      Where to avoid

      Steer clear of illegal parking spots or you may be held responsible for a parking ticket, vehicle relocation or worse - the dreaded tow.

      Tip: When ending your car2go trip, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you would leave your personal car there.

      And remember– trips can only be ended/completed within the Home Area.

      We’re not above the law, be sure to take a look at your city’s parking rules here.

      Where not to park:

      • Rush Hour Zones
      • Non-car2go designated parking lots
      • 30 min or 1 hour zones
      • Bus Stops
      • Areas with specified time restrictions
      • Within 24 hours of an active Street Sweeping Route
      • Temporary No Parking Zones

      • "Car Sharing Only" parking spots
      • Disabled spaces (unless you have a valid permit displayed in the car)
      • Privately owned parking lots/garages
      • In front of fire hydrants
      • Taxi/Motorcycle Parking
      • Snow routes (when in effect)
      • Spaces with "No Stopping" or "No Parking" signs

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