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car2go for business

Simplify your business trips

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Thousands of companies are already using car2go for their organizations

car2go Business Solutions

One person team, or an entire department – car2go offers multiple ways for your team to easily separate work and personal trips, and easily route usage to the correct accounts.

Business profile

Tracking expenses on your own? No problem. car2go offers payment profiles so you can choose between business and leisure. Add your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card and get going with separated expenses. All trip information and invoices are neatly organized and housed through your car2go MyAccount page.

Business account

Set up an account for 5 or more people in your office – and skip the pile of travel receipts. Consolidated monthly billing and real-time trip information will let your team focus on what they do best. Business account admins have access to a business account landing page, where they can manage drivers, invoices and company information. And get all this without annual fees!

Choose how your company uses car2go for Business

Business Travel

Whether going to or from the airport or getting around the city, get there from A to B without worrying about delays or lost drivers.

First and last mile solution

Drive the first and the last mile with car2go: from a train station, to the airport, to your next meeting or to the hotel. And remember - no reservations required.


Conveniently drive from door-to-door, 24 hours a day.

How could you use car2go for your business?

Keep mobile on a business trip

One stop shop for short or long trips, in our out of your home city.

car2go is available in 11 North American locations with direct access to the airport in 4 cities. car2go’s pay as you go & paper-free billing lets you and your team pay for exactly what they need it for, without any of the expensing hassle.

    For growing organizations, large and small.

    car2go offers a flexible fleet without the upfront cost.

    Expanding your team doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag – let your employees focus on the job at hand and getting where they need to be without spending more than you need.

      Reduce Costs

      A new way to drive savings for your department:

      Smart business leaders know that they need a travel portfolio to minimize cost - by consolidating billing, using advanced registration and passing on the fleet and insurance costs will save time and money.

        Benefits for your company

        Save on mobility costs

        Pay as you go and for what you use:insurance, fuel, maintenance and parking costs included.

        Increase employer attractiveness

        Provide your employees with a new mobility option with easy streamlined billing. You can even go a step further and provide drive time as a company benefit.

        Beat the clock

        Consolidate your travel expenses, people hours, and reports all into one – let your team focus on what they do best, not the paperwork.

        Why car2go?

        Responsible partner

        car2go works responsibly with community partners in each of our 11 North American Locations, to drive smart and responsible transit solutions.


        car2go’s free floating carshare concept that was developed in 2008 and has revolutionized the industry.

        Market Leader

        car2go is the world’s largest car sharing service with over 14,000 vehicles available in 26 locations to over one million customers worldwide.

        Get on board

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        Set a business payment profile for yourself by logging in to your account.

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