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Get where you want, when you want.

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Drive for $10/hour or $60/day (restrictions/fees apply)

How does car2go work?

car2go means carsharing wherever you want, whenever you need, without the costs or hassles of owning a car. Use the app to find, drive and park your next ride - without planning in advance.

Find a car

View nearby vehicles using the app. You can use it right away or reserve one for up to 30 minutes before you need it.

Drive yourself

Hop in and drive: use the app to unlock the car, grab the keys from inside and off you go.

Park and go on your way

Park for free within the Home Area and get on your way. No need to return it where you got it.

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Worth every minute

With car2go, you’re in control of every kilometer and every minute. Unlike other carsharing services, you only pay for how long you’re actually using the car. And how much does car2go cost? Just $0.41 per minute (plus tax/fees).

What you don’t pay for: monthly or yearly fees, parking, fuel or maintenance.

So go ahead. Get going. And PS: there’s no surge pricing, ever.

  • 0.41 per minute

    Perfect for short trips and that last kilometer home.

  • 10 per hour (regularly $14.99)*

    For running errands, driving across town or grabbing lunch.

  • 60 per day (regularly $84.99)*

    Your car, all day.

  • *For a limited time only. Max mileage is 200 km per trip.

Get the car2go app and get going

From setting up your account, to finding a car2go, to unlocking the car - do it all with your phone. It's like science fiction, except it's right now.

Find your next ride on the spot or reserve one up to 30 minutes in advance.

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    Unlock the car with a single tap and get on your way (the keys are in the car). End your trip using the touch screen in the car or using the app.

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      View your account, balance, recent trips and more.

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        Downtown and airport parking

        Parking in Montreal: Where can you park car2go in Montreal? See where to end your trip and what spots to avoid.

        Airport Parking: Get easy access to the Montreal airport with car2go.

        Say goodbye to outrageous parking fees and fly with less stress.

        Parking & Airport Rules

        Please note that coverage is provided by car2go’s third party insurance provider.