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From Carsharing to Crowdsurfing

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Make the most your summer in Toronto with car2go. Win a pair of VIP tickets to the most popular concerts in town, use our Drop Zone to get to and from Port Lands and come see us onsite at Game Land to enter a special giveaway.

NXNE Lineup

Win VIP Tickets

From carsharing to crowdsurfing - car2go offers it all.

As an official sponsor of NXNE, we want you to win one of the 20 pair of tickets.

Simply share a picture of you and the friend you want to bring to NXNE with, and you could win one of the following:

  • 4 x Game Land pair of VIP tickets
  • 10 x Port Lands pair of VIP tickets
  • 6 x NXNE Club Land pair of tickets

How do you enter? Simple! Just submit your pic here or click the "Enter now" button below.

From carsharing to crowdsurfing

From June 16-25, come and visit us at the car2go Lounge to get your hands on one of our Mercedes and a bunch of goodies to help you enjoy the festival.

We’ll also be there to help you or your friends sign up and take advantage of our exclusive promo:

  • Free registration
  • + $10 drive credit for your first ride*

Don’t forget also to use our FREE car2go VIP parking located at Port Lands from June 23-25 to come with friends without having to look for or pay for parking.

Why choose car2go?

Not a car2go member yet? Get all the perks of being a car2go member for free. You’ll even get $10 in drive time credit to try it out by using promo code NXNE.

Find it

View nearby vehicles using the app. You can use it right away or reserve one for up to 30 minutes before you need it.

Drive it

Hop in and drive: use the app to unlock the car, grab the keys from inside and off you go.

Park it

Park for free within the Home Area and get on your way. No need to return it where you got it.

*Drive time credits are applied to the default payment profile, are valid for 30 days and are only redeemable in the city they are issued in. A taxable $1 Driver Protection Fee will be applied to each member's first 90 trips of each calendar year.