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Why car2go?

All the benefits of a car without owning one - parking, refueling & insurance* inclusive. Use the app to book the closest car, drive and simply park at the end. Did you know? You can drive in all European car2go cities after the registration.

Open 24 hours

No need to worry about closing times - grab a car whenever and wherever you want.

Always flexible

Discover the true meaning of flexibility - once you're done with the car, simply park in the home area and get going.


Our rates are all-inclusive - fueling is included and there's no need to top up the tank when you're done.

No service fees

It’s cars with benefits: all the perks, no strings attached. Only pay for what you use.

What is car2go?

car2go is flexible carsharing without fixed rental stations – instead you can rent and park the car everywhere in the home area of your city.

You can drive easily and spontaneously without owning a car, just use your car2go app to start and end your rental. All for a low price per minute – including parking, refueling, and insurance.*

How it works

You need a car - this very moment? It’s just one click on your smartphone away: The car2go app shows you all the available car2gos nearby.

Register online or in the app

Download the car2go app for free, and register by entering your contact information, your payment data and scanning your driver’s license.

Download the app

With the car2go app you can see and book all available car2gos nearby. Also, you can reserve one for up to 30 minutes before departure.

Validate & Drive

Simply scan your driver's license in the car2go app.
Now you’re ready
to use carsharing
with car2go.


You can park your car2go for free on every public parking lot within the car2go home area. Private and corporate parking lots are taboo for car2gos.** If you leave your car2go outside the home area, additional costs may occur.

Register online

Enter your personal data, including your driver’s license and payment information to enjoy car2go carsharing.

car2go app

With the car2go app you can easily find and reserve every available car2go. Reserve your car2go with the app up to 30 minutes before departure.

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    • Google play store
    • Windows store
    • BlackBerry store

    If a car is not immediately available – just activate the radar feature in the app. The car2go radar notifies you as soon as a car is available in your area.

      • Apple app store
      • Google play store
      • Windows store
      • BlackBerry store

      You can easily end the rental anywhere in the home area with the car2go app or the screen on the dashboard in the car. You can now park for free within the car2go home area.

        • Apple app store
        • Google play store
        • Windows store
        • BlackBerry store

        Minute rates

        With car2go you can always have a car, whenever you need one. Just reserve one nearby and drive spontaneously and flexibly within the home area.



        0,29 €/minute smart electric drive







        Prices in detail***

        One-time validation fee9,00 €
        Airport fee
        for Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt & Stuttgart
        for Munich
        (Calculation if beginning and end of rental in the airport area)

        5,90 €

        12,00 €
        Long distance fee after 200km (the first 200 km are free)0,29 €/km

        Price overview

        Find our detailed pricing here.

        * In case of an accident a deductible may apply. For more information take a look at the T&C’s.

        ** For further information please consult the T&C for the respective parking rules and conditions of the deductible.
        In all car2go cities there may be special arrangements for parking. Therefore, make sure to check them out on the website before your journey to see which rules apply in your city.

        *** Additional costs and fees are listed in our fee policy.