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Drive for hours,
drive for days!

Book packages in the app to drive loooonger – and save on the minute rate. From shopping trips to road trips, you have the most flexible cost-saving options at your fingertips. Choose what you need in the app before each trip.

FROM 28,57 €1 / DAY

Includes time and distance

✔ 2 hour to 7 days
✔ Includes up to 400 km
✔ Best for looong drives

It's all in the app

Sometimes, you need more than a few minutes. Whether you need hours or days, the app has got you covered. Choose a package before you start your trip.

Tap on a car2go in the app. You’ll see a list of packages next to the minute rate.

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    For all your plans, big or small. Choose fixed packages for hour-long trips and flex packages for multi-day trips.

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      Your selected package will be displayed once again for confirmation. Start your trip when you're ready!

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        Drive for hours

        Book a fixed package to save on the minute rate. Fixed packages come with a fixed number of hours and kilometers to make planning easy. Best for 1-day roadtrips to your favorite Scandinavian furniture outlet! Oh, and fuel and insurance are all included. No extra charge.

        smart fortwoA-ClassCLA, GLA
        2 hours
        (includes 80 km)
        17,90 €
        (0,15 € / min)
        19,90 €
        (0,17 € / min)
        22,90 €
        (0,19 € / min)
        4 hours
        (includes 120 km)
        29,90 €
        (0,12 € / min)
        34,90 €
        (0,15 € / min)
        38,90 €
        (0,16 € / min)
        6 hours
        (includes 160 km)
        44,90 €
        (0,12 € / min)
        49,90 €
        (0,14 € / min)
        53,90 €
        (0,15 € / min)

        Drive for days

        Book a flex package for looooong drives. Flex packages come with a fixed number of days and let you pay a super low fee by-the-kilometer. Best for road trips out of town or when you need to keep a car handy for up to 7 days! Fuel and insurance are all included.

        smart fortwoA-ClassCLA, GLA, B-Class
        1 day
        (includes 200 km)
        69,99 €79,99 €89,99 €
        2 days
        (includes 400 km)
        109,99 €129,99 €139,99 €
        3 days
        (includes 400 km)
        139,99 €159,99 €169,99 €
        4 days
        (includes 400 km)
        159,99 €189,99 €199,99 €
        5 days
        (includes 400 km)
        179,99 €219,99 €229,99 €
        6 days
        (includes 400 km)
        189,99 €239,99 €249,99 €
        7 days
        (includes 400 km)
        199,99 €259,99 €269,99 €


        What if I go over the included kilometers in the package?

        It's not a problem if you drive over the limit. Once your trip exceeds the kilometers included in your package, the long distance fee for each additional kilometer automatically kicks in.


        What if I go over the time included in the package?

        It's not a problem if your trip takes longer than planned. Once your trip exceeds the time included in your package, the minute rate for your chosen car automatically kicks back in.

        Tips & tricks


        You can leave the Home Area

        Absolutely! You can drive outside the Home Area as long as you bring the car back. Just remember: You can only end trips inside the Home Area!


        You can use car2go credit to pay for packages

        Sure! As long as you have credit on your default payment profile, it will be automatically used up to pay for your car2go package.


        You can change your mind until you start trip

        That's right. You can book a car2go package after reserving a car and continue to change your mind... all the way until you start your trip.


        You should make full use of the package while you can

        No partial reimbursement will be made if you don't use up the whole package! The package is charged to your payment profile as soon as you start trip.

        How to keep the trip running

        Keep the car for hours or even days! When you book a car2go package, the car is reserved for you during the entire package time period. This means you can stopover at any time, park the car, take a break, and continue driving later. Here's how:

        • 1. To stopover, park your car2go.

        • 2. Take the car key with you. If you put the key back into the card holder, both your trip and your package will end.

        • 3. This is obvious, but, uh, don't end trip in the app!

        • 4. Your trip will continue to run as part of the car2go package.

        1 Price based on the fixed rate of 7 days for the smart fortwo in Hamburg.