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Parking car2go at Dusseldorf Airport

If you've got a flight to catch, carsharing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of getting to Dusseldorf Airport (DUS). We've partnered up with most major airports in Europe so you can enjoy seamless connections to different travel destinations.

You can use free carsharing parking spots at Dusseldorf Airport P7, so driving car2go to the airport has never been more convenient. When you arrive, the parking gate will open for you automatically.

Dusseldorf Airport (DUS) may seem far out, but it's part of our Home Area!

Airport fee:

5,90 €


Parkhaus 7, level 4, Frachtstraße, 40474 Dusseldorf

(51.280684, 6.769524)

Getting to Dusseldorf Airport carsharing parking:

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Arrival at Dusseldorf Airport

Just landed and looking for an easy way to get to Dusseldorf and Cologne city center? All you have to do is have the car2go app ready, reserve a vehicle at the airport, and start walking to the Dusseldorf P7 carsharing parking area. No need to search for a car rental station and fill out mountains of paperwork – just take car2go carsharing. Carsharing is cheaper than taxis or regular car rentals and lets you park for free within the Dusseldorf and Cologne Home Areas.

1. Follow the signs to Mietwagenzentrum / Car Rental and P7 parking

2. Our cars are located on the 4th floor of P7

3. The parking barrier will open automatically when you leave


Airport Fee

The airport fee applies when you start or end your trip at Dusseldorf airport. This comes on top of your usual trip costs, but trust us – it's still cheaper than a taxi! For more information, please see our pricing page:

All pricing in Dusseldorf

Are you traveling for business?

Enjoy easy business connections between airports and cities – and so much more.



Parking is free. Insurance is included. You pay per minute. Compared to airport car rental and taxis, your travel expenses are much lower with car2go.



You can find car2go at most major airports in Europe. Enjoy easy connections to the city for all your business travels and feel right at home wherever you are.



Don't lose time over paper invoicing. Your business travel expenses are made easy with car2go for business.


In the city

No need to look for car rental stations! There are cars all over the city and at the airport. You can grab a car and leave it anywhere.