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Got a flight at Dusseldorf Airport to catch?

Driving car2go to the Dusseldorf Airport and dropping it off at the carsharing parking is easy if you follow these step-by-step road directions. Our carsharing parking is located at P7 at Dusseldorf Airport. For more information on the airport fee and map, check out the airport page.

1. On the A44 highway

Follow the road signs to the Dusseldorf Airport. When you're nearing the airport, follow the signs in the direction of Abflug/Departures.

2. At the airport

Once you see road signs leading to Mietwagen/Car Rentals, start to follow them.

3. To the car rentals parking lot

Continue to follow the signs toward Mietwagen/Car Rentals.

4. To the P7 parking lot

You will eventually see signs leading you to P7 and Carsharing.

5. At the P7 parking lot

No need to take a ticket at the parking entrance gate. A chip inside the car will automatically tell the bar to lift and let you through.

6. Park at the car2go signs

Follow the Carsharing signs inside the parking lot. You can park your car2go on Ebene 4/Level 4.


Did you know?

We're available at most major airports in Europe. You might be able to enjoy car2go carsharing at your destination's airport for a seamless connection into the city.

Look up airport information in our FAQ