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All inclusive

You only pay per minute. Enjoy the benefits of having a car in the city, without all the fuss.



Enjoy free-floating carsharing. Grab a car2go and leave it on any legal street parking within the Home Area – parking is for free!



Relax – it’s covered. The car insurance is already included in the price. All fine print, writ large – in our terms and conditions.



Never pay for fuel. Plus: If you fully refuel a car running low on juice, we’ll give you a little something for it. Hint: car2go credit.



You just drive. Cleaning, servicing – our stealthy team of ninjas will take care of all of it.

Minute rates5

Worth every minute, that's car2go.

You only need a car for 5 minutes?

No problem. You only pay for what you actually use.

0,19 €

smart fortwo

0,28 €


0,31 €


Our prices just got smarter

Sometimes there are too few or too many cars when and where you need them. To get cars moving to the right spots, the minute rate is adjusted based on time and location. For just a few cents more or less, demand and supply come back into balance. This helps you find a car at the right place, at the right time – for the right price. Enjoy lower prices in areas with too many cars – and increased car availability throughout town.

How price drops work

Cars will be discounted every day. Happy bargain-hunting!

1. Too many cars

In low demand areas, cars sit around idle for long periods of time. This means that not enough cars are getting circulated around the Home Area – creating a shortage of cars in other areas.

2. Prices drop

To get idle cars moving out of low demand areas, the minute price for each car drops. You can easily save up to 20% by grabbing a car in such areas.

3. Cars start moving

When prices drop, members are motivated to grab a car2go. This keeps our cars active and in circulation – great for increasing overall availability.

How price peaks work

Don’t worry, our prices are capped.

1. Too few cars

In high demand areas, especially during rush hour, it can be tricky to find and reserve a car. This is because a lot of members are looking for a car at the same time, in the same place.

2. Prices go up

To increase the number of cars in high demand areas, we send in more cars to where you need them. To balance out the additional costs, the minute price for each car goes up by just a few cents. The prices are capped and will not exceed the maximum displayed.

3. Availability goes up

When prices go up, some members will choose to take a car, while others won’t. At the same time, we send in more cars. So for just a few cents more, all members enjoy an increase in overall availability.

Our prices

Here is the full price range of each car2go model in Frankfurt. You can always view the current price in the app. Our prices are capped and will not exceed the maximum price displayed.

0,19 € – 0,31 €
per minute

smart fortwo

0,28 € - 0,38 €
per minute


0,31 € - 0,39 €
per minute


0,31 € - 0,39 €
per minute



How can I see the current price of a car?
Depending on the time and location, the minute rate of each car2go changes by a few cents. To see the updated minute rate, just tap on a car2go on the map.

How can I find cars with the lowest prices?
The reduced cars are always clearly marked on the map with a special red sticker. Keep checking the app, swipe around the map, and happy bargain-hunting!

Will the minute rate change after I start a trip?
Nope. The minute rate is fixed from the moment you reserve a car2go or start a trip. For example: If you reserve a car2go at the reduced price of 0,19 €/minute and your trip takes 10 minutes, your trip cost will a total of 1,90 € – no matter when or where you end your trip.

car2go credit

car2go credit lets you earn as you go. Each time you do a good deed, you get a little something for it. It's our way of saying thank you.

How it works:

Each time you fully refuel or charge a car that’s running low on juice – you earn 4 € credit.

The best part? You can use credit in all our locations in your country.

    Tell your friends how much you love us. Each time a friend signs up using your invite code – you both earn 10 € credit.

    The best part? You can use credit in all our locations in your country.

      You can use credit to pay for your trips. This includes airport fees, drop off fees, and packages.

      The best part? You can use credit in all our locations in your country.

        Prices at a glance5,6

        Minute rate (includes 200 km)
        - smart fortwo
        - A-Class
        - B-Class/ GLA

        from 0,19 €
        from 0,28 €
        from 0,31 €
        Airport fee (to and from the airport)5,90 €
        Reservation extension (15 min.)1,90 €
        Long distance fee (for each additional kilometer)0,39 €
        Refuel (fully) a car under 25% fuel level+ 4 € credit
        Other feesHome Area Frankfurt (PDF)

        1. Each car2go Home Area has special parking rules. Before starting your trip, please check the parking rules on your city page. You are allowed to make a stopover (and therefore park) outside the Home Area, but you cannot end your trip there and the regular minute rate will apply.

        2. In case of an accident, a deductible may apply. For more information, see our terms and conditions.

        3. car2go credit will be applied automatically to trips charged on your default payment profile.

        4. Each vehicle requires the correct fuel type as specified inside its fuel tank door. If you use a different fuel, we'll charge you the costs incurred.

        5. The rates are subject to change depending on the car model, location and start time of your reservation or trip (whichever is earliest). You will be asked to confirm the specific price before starting your reservation or trip in the app. This only applies to trips made in app versions 3.28 and newer. In older app versions, prices are: smart fortwo 0,26 € /min, A-Class 0,33 € /min, B-Class and GLA 0,36 € /min.

        6. All prices include VAT where applicable. Additional costs and fees are listed in our fee and cost policy.