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car2go specials

With our special offers and packages you can use carsharing exactly as it suits you. This way you will always have a car available whenever you need one - without owning one.

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Offers from partners

car2go offers exclusive advantages in cooperation with selected partners. Sign up now to get car sharing in Rhineland.

15% discount for car2go members

The Europcar Partner Card

Your extra mobility:
Europcar offers
the right vehicle
for every occasion.
Regardless of whether you need
a van, station wagon
or convertible.*

The service will be available again soon

90 free minutes/19 € for subscribers

Unlimited mobility
thanks to the combination
of local public transportation
and car2go:
Rheinbahn subscribers
obtain 90 free-minutes per month
for only 19.00 EUR.**

You will receive
the application form online
or on the website
of one of the Rheinbahn registration centers

Available here

**Non used free-minutes will expire at the end of the month.