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All inclusive

You only pay the price per minute – all costs for parking, charging and insurance are already included.


You can return the vehicle to any parking space that is accessible to everybody in the car2go home area for free. Parking on private or company spaces is not allowed for car2go vehicles. If you park your car2go outside the home area, additional costs may occur.


No hidden costs: The insurance is always included in the price.


You can park your carsharing vehicle without a detour to charging station. Should you still need to charge or refuel, we will grant 4 € car2go credit to your account for a level of < 50%.


With car2go driving is hassle-free and convenient. Our service team cares about the service, cleaning and maintenance of the cars. You drive, we do the rest.

Minute rates

With car2go you can always have a car, whenever you need one. Just reserve one nearby and drive spontaneously and flexibly within the home area.


smart fortwo



car2go packages

With the car2go packages, you can simply and easily book a car2go for a longer period of time.

You can book car2go packages for 2 hours or even for a whole day. Each package contains a fixed number of included kilometres.

car2go credit

car2go credit lets you earn as you go. Each time you do a good deed, you get a little something for it. It's our way of saying thank you.

How it works:

Each time you refuel or charge a car that’s running low on juice – you earn 4 € credit.

The best part? You can use credit in all our locations in your country.

    Tell your friends how much you love us. Each time a friend signs up using your invite code – you both earn 10 € credit.

    The best part? You can use credit in all our locations in your country.

      You can use credit to pay for your trips. This includes airport fees, drop off fees, and packages.

      The best part? You can use credit in all our locations in your country.

        Prices in detail5

        Validation fee9,00 €
        Airport fee
        Berlin (Tegel, Schönefeld), Köln, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt & Stuttgart

        5,90 €
        12,00 €
        Drop off feeUp to 9,90 €
        Long distance fee: Per additional kilometer above 200 km (when the minute rate is applied)0,29 €
        Processing of towing operations, accidents and vehicle damage, loss of vehicle ignition key50,00 €
        Service drive to car2go vehicle due to customer's fault100,00 €
        Handling costs if car2go vehicle is left outside Home Area500,00 €
        car2go credit for charging an electric car (battery level below 50%)+4 € car2go credit
        car2go credit for fueling a car (fuel level below 25%)+4 € car2go credit

        Fee and Cost Policy

        Find our detailed pricing5 here.

        1. Each car2go Home Area has special parking rules. Before starting your trip, please check the parking rules on your city page. You are allowed to make a stopover (and therefore park) outside the Home Area, but you cannot end your trip there and the regular minute rate will apply.

        2. In case of an accident, a deductible may apply. For more information, see our terms and conditions.

        3. car2go credit will be applied automatically to trips charged on your default payment profile.

        4. All prices include VAT where applicable. Additional costs and fees are listed in our Fee and Cost Policy.