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car2go in Stuttgart

car2go vehicles are parked up throughout the whole home area.

At the end of your rental you must park your car2go within the home area again. That is, on all public and toll-free parking spaces, provided there is no parking and stopping restriction, or on dedicated car2go parking spots.

Of course driving and stopping over or parking are also allowed outside of the home area.

How to drive the B-Classe Electric Drive

If you want to drive a B-Class Electric Drive there're only a few differences you need to be aware of:

Looking for the key?

You can find the key in the glove compartment.

Looking for the gear shift?

You’ll find the gear shift behind the steering wheel on the right.

Looking for the handbrake?

You’ll find the handbrake on the left of the steering wheel below the light switch.

Use the App to find your favourite Mercedes- Benz car

You can filter the map for different car2go models in order to display the availability of a desired car.


Here you can learn more about using the smarts electric drive: