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Car sharing in Madrid has never been easier thanks to car2go. Simply register, validate and drive off. Available anytime and anywhere.


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With the car2go app you see immediately which cars are available nearby. Choose one and reserve it up to 30 minutes before departure.


Use your car2go app to start your rental, then simply drive to your destination.


You can park your car2go for free on every public parking lot within the car2go home area. Private and corporate parking lots are taboo for car2gos*.


There is always a car2go near you. The car2go app shows you the available vehicles in real time, as well as the home area, where our carsharing in Madrid is located

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Our rates are fair and always to your advantage.
Compare our car sharing rates now:

0,21 € / 1 min

...when you need a car for a short drive right now.

59,00 € / 24 hours

Take your time and enjoy car2go all day.

* If you leave your car2go outside the home area, additional costs may be incurred.

car2go Blog


Brand Immersion Experience

car2go is a busy place. Between growing the brand and innovating new solutions to the carsharing market, it’s easy to lose track of the company’s history and where it comes from.


Proud to share! – the new brand claim sums up the car2go spirit

car2go is now proclaiming "Proud to share!" to the whole carsharing world. As the inventor and international market leader of free floating carsharing, being proud of sharing is part of our company's spirit. In an interview, the car2go CEO Olivier Reppert tells what "Proud to share" is all about and what effects this spirit has in the community.


The International Social Media Team

Who actually are the people behind the posts and answers in car2go’s social media world? Do they hang around on Facebook 24/7 and speak ten languages? How does it all actually work? A little portrait provides answers to these and many more questions.