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Driving in Madrid

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Enter your personal data, including your address and payment information on the car2go website for access to carsharing in Madrid.

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Simply scan your driver's license1 using the app. We can then directly validate both your driver's license and address so that you are able to use car2go carsharing straight away.

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Validate and drive

In case the online validation didn't work, find a validation shop or visit our car2go Shop (C/ San Bernardo, 35) and present your driver’s license and ID card. You are then free to enjoy carsharing in Madrid with car2go.

Validation points in you neighborhood

This is how the car2go app works

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Your driver's license please!

You've already registered for car2go? Great! Now you only need 2 more steps till you can drive car2go for the first time.

The car2go app is the key to car2go. Simply download the car2go app for free, complete the validation and afterwards you can already find vehicles via app, book, open and drive off.

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    You can do it from our app or you visit to one of our validation points. There, we only need your ID* and your driver's license** to check your data. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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      Search and reserve

      With the car2go app you can easily find and reserve any available vehicle.

      The car2go app

      Your key to carsharing. Find, reserve, and unlock your car2go in just a few taps. All you need is the app.

      You can always reserve a car2go for up to 20 minutes in advance. None nearby? Set a radar in the app and we'll let you know right away when a car2go becomes available.

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        Walk over to the car2go and unlock it using the app. Enter your 4-digit PIN, followed by the 3-digit car2go access code on the windshield unit. The car2go will then unlock automatically. Safe trip!

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          You can end your trip anywhere within the same Home Area. No need to dig for small change and find a parking meter. Parking in the Home Area is always for free, as long as it's legal street parking.

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            Simply use the car2go app to open the car. Enter your car2go PIN and you’re ready to drive off.

            Simply enter your car2go PIN and drive off with car2go car sharing in Madrid.

            You can control everything on your smartphone: you see available vehicles on a real time map in the app and you can make a reservation. car2go is always there if you simply need a car.

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              You don't need to charge the car2go when ending rentals. Your Service Team takes care of it. Just remember to leave the car with a minimum load of 10% .

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                Hassle-free parking

                Forget about parking tickets!


                With car2go parking is easy: car2go offers you ultimate freedom. To end your rental simply park up your car2go anywhere on public parking spaces (green or blue zones) within the Madrid home area for free, you can forget about getting the ticket from the parking.

                Did you know? The home area of Madrid has many one exclusive parking in the city center. To end your rental simply park up your car2go anywhere on public parking spaces (green or blue zones) within the Madrid home area for free, you can forget about getting the ticket from the parking.We also have a dedicated 10 parking spaces nearby Tribunal metro station:

                Parking "EL CIELO DE MADRID"

                Address: Calle Farmacia 12

                Opening hours: 24 hours

                  With car2go you are allowed to enter and park without time restrictions in the Residential Priority Areas (APR) of Madrid: Opera, Cortes, Embajadores and Las Letras. A detailed list of all current parking rules in your city, in case you would like to do a stopover or end the rental you will find here (PDF).

                    Any questions?

                    Answers to all your questions about car sharing in Madrid you’ll find in the FAQs.

                    1. Your driver's license must have been valid for at least 1 year. If you go to a validation point, you'll be asked to present your driver's license and a valid photo ID. We accept driver’s licenses issued in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). We also accept non-EU and -EEA driver's licenses but these are valid for 6 months only from first entry in Germany. For validation, your driver's license must be accompanied by a certified translation (or an International Driver's Permit), a passport, proof of residency in Germany, and proof of date of entry into Germany (e.g. boarding pass, entry visa, proof of residence).