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To start carsharing...


1. Sign up

It's easy. All you need is an address, a payment method, and your driver's license to start carsharing in Madrid.

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2. Download the app

Start carsharing in Madrid and get going with just the app. Download the app for free and get started today.

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3. Validate your license

Scan your driver's license1 with the car2go app. Validation is easy if you follow our tips after logging in for the first time.

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How does the car2go app work?

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Our app was voted amongst the world's top 10 by TIME in 2017.

How to validate your license

Your driver's license, please

You need to have a valid driver's license1 to get going. Don't worry, you can validate your license using just the car2go app and it's a breeze.

Take a clear and legible photo of your driver's license and upload it in the car2go app. We recommend placing your driver's license on a flat surface and using good lighting.

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    Next, you need to upload a selfie in the car2go app so we can make sure it's really you. No need to comb your hair or anything like that. Yup, it's that simple. 1, 2, 3... Smile!

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      Grab a car2go

      Unlocking a car2go takes less than 3 seconds. Try it!

      How to rent a car2go

      All you need is the app. Locate, reserve, and rent our vehicles all around Madrid.

      Reserve: You can reserve a car2go for 20 minutes in advance for free. This gives you enough time to walk over to your car.

      Radar: You can set a radar in the app to automatically find a car2go for you anytime, anywhere in Madrid. We'll let you know the moment a car2go becomes available.

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        Once you're in front of the car2go, unlock it using the app. Enter your 4-digit PIN, followed by the 3-digit car2go access code on the windshield unit. The car2go will then unlock automatically. Safe trip!

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          Park car2go back on the streets for free within the Madrid Home Area. No need to dig for small change or find a parking meter.

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            Get to know the Madrid Home Area

            Within the Home Area, you're home-free.

            How to use car2go in and around Madrid

            Think of the Home Area as our operating area. This is where you can find our cars free-floating around town and where you can park almost anywhere for free.

            You can view a live map of the Madrid Home Area anytime in the app, with all our available cars, parking, and charging stations around town. You can park pretty much anywhere within the Home Area on legal on-street public parking, but you can't always end your trip.

            Important: Private parking is at your own cost. Also, different rules apply for different parking situations. You may be allowed to do a stopover but not end your trip.

            Learn more about Madrid parking rules

              You can drive outside the Madrid Home Area, but you must bring the car back to end the trip. If you leave your car2go outside the Home Area, additional costs may occur.

              Important: Even when electric cars are fully charged, they only have a limited range before they need to charged again. When you drive outside the Home Area, you run the risk of running out of battery and not being able to charge your car.

              Learn more about Madrid Home Area

                Golden rules of carsharing

                And just one more thing... Like your car2go clean and undamaged? Yup, same here. Sharing is caring. A big part of the car2go experience is about the consideration members show each other. For carsharing to work, we've put together a few "golden rules" that'll keep all of us happy. Basically: Don't be that person :)

                Don't drink & drive

                Drunk driving is never OK. Just because you're in a car2go doesn't mean the police won't see you. Enjoy the party, but choose a designated driver so you'll all arrive safely at your destination.

                No smoking

                Enjoy your cigarette break at your destination. Not everyone is a smoker and it takes forever to get the smell out and, well – just don't be that person.

                Don't trash the car

                Tissues in the front seat? Hairs? Potato chips and ketchup stains? Don't be that person! Trash is the one thing we're not proud to share.

                Park nicely

                Don't be that person who parks like his grandfather owns the street. Don't leave the car on private property or in illegal parking zones.


                We answer all your bruning questions about carsharing in Madrid.

                1. We accept driver’s licenses issued in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). We also accept non-EU and -EEA driver's licenses but these are valid for 6 months only from first entry in Spain. For validation, your driver's license must be accompanied by a certified translation (or an International Driver's Permit), a passport, proof of residency in Germany, and proof of date of entry into Spain (e.g. boarding pass, entry visa, proof of residence).