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In 24 cities all over the world, 3.3 million members share 14,000 car2gos.

Whether physiotherapist, student, photographer, fashion stylist, nurse, retired people, society reporters or trainees, whether for a trip to visit friends, to go shopping or to get to work – although the car2go members are very different in many ways, they all have one thing in common: they share a car2go.

Which is why we have invited them to present their shared car and their own, personal story so that we can show who is actually behind the car2go community.

You can see for yourself here why they find sharing a good thing and hence prefer to present #OURCAR instead of "my car".





Tell us under the hashtag #ourcar, what you have already experienced with car2go and why you prefer to share a car rather than own one. We look forward to seeing your stories on Facebook and Instagram.


"proud to share" – this is more than just a brand claim, it is a life philosophy. You love being out and about with the car but you know that you don't really need to own one. You can therefore proudly say that you prefer to share your car and thus be part of a community which thinks in exactly the same way.

Do you want to find out more about 'proud to share'?
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car2go app

With the car2go app you can easily find and reserve any available vehicle.

With the car2go app you can easily find and reserve every available car2go.

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    Reserve your car2go with the app up to 20 minutes before departure. If a car is not immediately available – just activate the radar feature in the app. The car2go radar notifies you as soon as a car is available in your area.

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      You can easily end the rental anywhere in the home area with the screen on the dashboard in the car.

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