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SHARE NOW is coming to Brussels

Now that car2go and DriveNow are joining forces, this means you can enjoy our free-floating car sharing in Brussels as well. All you need is the DriveNow app, which you can download for free. Even better? For a limited time only, you enjoy free registration for DriveNow carsharing1. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start driving right away.

How does DriveNow carsharing
in Brussels work?

Thanks to DriveNow, carsharing has never been easier. Register, validate, and drive – with DriveNow you always have a car when you need one.


Get started

Driving with DriveNow is much more flexible and convenient than renting a car at the counter. All you need is the free app.


Find and reserve

You can view the Brussels DriveNow Home Area in the app and find and reserve cars directly from the street. Unlocking your car is just as simple.


Park for free

A special benefit of using DriveNow in Brussels is the free car-sharing parking within the Brussels Home Area. Private and corporate parking lots are taboo.

The DriveNow cars

Comfy, spacious, or nimble:

DriveNow BMW's and MINI's are always good for taking a spin around town.

Whether you just want to go shopping or impress up your parents-in-law.

You'll always find the perfect car for the right situation.

BMW i3

BMW i3

bmw active tourer

BMW Active Tourer

mini clubman

BMW 1 Series

mini convertible

MINI Convertible

BMW i3

MINI 3-Door

MINI Clubman

How much is DriveNow in Brussels? 2,3

We charge per minute – or by hourly and daily packages. Fuel, insurance, and maintenance are always included.

0,33 € / minute

... when you need a car for a short drive right now.

34 € / 3-hr package

Need more than a few minutes? Treat yourself with DriveNow packages then.

109 € / 24-hr package

Take your time and enjoy bigger plans with DriveNow all day long.

Parking at Brussels Airport

Get to the airport and back for less. It's cheaper than a cab and much more convenient than having to carry your luggage all the way through public transportation.

Just drop off your car for a low fee of 10 € – which in most cases is still much cheaper than getting there by cab.

Grab a car in the city and drive to the airport. You can easily leave the car at the Brussels airport’s parking spots. Bon voyage!

Learn how to get to and from Brussels airport

    Use the DriveNow app to reserve a car from the moment you land. Find your car waiting for you at the airport’s carsharing parking spots.

    Learn how to get to and from Brussels airport

      Start carsharing with DriveNow today

      The app is FREE and gives you the key to more free-floating cars in more cities around the world.

      1 This offer is exclusive to car2go customers and is valid until 31.10.2019. In order to use DriveNow vehicles, a separate registration with DriveNow GmbH & Co. KG is required. The minimum age for registration is 21 years. When registering and using the services of DriveNow, the General Terms and Conditions and prices of DriveNow GmbH & Co.KG will apply. All prices include VAT. If you have any questions, please contact DriveNow customer support.

      2 The price per minute included in the DriveNow car sharing rate varies depending on model and rental date.

      3 0,29 € for each additional kilometer. Each additional minute will be charged based on the minute rate for each specific vehicle model. Please note that you're not allowed to leave Belgium with your DriveNow car.