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Bonjour, Paris!

We're coming to town. Soon you’ll be able to experience car2go and what it’s all about, because we’re bringing free-floating carsharing to Paris. This means: No more car rental by the hour as you know it. Carsharing is just like having your own car in Paris. Just grab a car2go around the corner of your favorite boulangerie in the Latin Quarter and park it for free on the streets of the Bastille. All you're going to need is one app. It's full flexibility – for spare change.

Find out what it means to be #proudtoshare in Paris and keep checking back. See you soon.

What is car2go?

car2go is the world's first free-floating carsharing service. Our fleet operates without fixed rental stations. All you need is the app. Grab a car2go anywhere in the Home Area1 of Paris. When you're done, park it back on the streets for free. For a low price per minute that includes everything from parking to fueling, you now have a fleet of cars in the city. Oh, and we're 100% electric in Paris.

Why use car2go

Carsharing gives you all the benefits of a car without owning one – parking, fueling, and insurance2 included. Use the app to find the nearest car2go and enjoy the freedom to get where you want, when you want. The best part? After registration, you can drive in all car2go cities throughout Europe.

Available 24 hours

Carsharing is available all day, everyday. No need to worry about closing times – grab a car2go off the street whenever and wherever you want.

Always flexible

Discover the true meaning of flexibility – when you're done with your car2go, just park it in your Home Area for free.


Our Paris fleet will be 100% electric. Reducing our carbon footprint and making urban mobility more eco-friendly – one carshare at a time.

No strings attached

Carsharing is cars with benefits – all the perks, no strings attached. Only pay for what you use.

Meet the car2go fleet

Romantic dates and grocery runs? We've got the right car2go for your needs. Parking, fueling, insurance – it's already covered. So you can focus on the more epic moments in life.

smart EQ fortwo

It's the car you want to share. Electrify the city with everybody's favorite two-person getaway car. Forgot something? Just spin around – with the super-small turning radius, even turning in circles is fun.

How it works

You need a car - this very moment? It’s just one click on your smartphone away: The car2go app shows you all the available car2gos nearby.

Register online

Join us by registering here on the website or in the car2go app. All you need is a payment method and your driver’s license.

Download the app

The app is your key – literally! Our cars are accessed via the car2go app. Use the app to find a car2go near you and reserve it for up to 20 minutes.

Validate driver's license

Simply scan your driver's license in the car2go app.

When your driver's license has been successfully validated, you can start carsharing right away.

Start carsharing

Within the Home Area, you're home free. Grab a car2go around the corner and drive from point to point. As long as you park on the street inside the Home Area, you'll never have to pay for parking2.

The car2go app

Your key to carsharing: Find, reserve, and unlock your car2go in just a few taps. All you need is the app.

You can always reserve a car2go for up to 20 minutes in advance. None nearby? Set a radar in the app and we'll let you know right away when a car2go becomes available.

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    • Google play store

    Walk over to the car2go and unlock it using the app. Enter your 4-digit PIN, followed by the 3-digit car2go access code on the windshield unit. The car2go will then unlock automatically. Safe trip!

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      • Google play store

      You can end your trip anywhere within the same Home Area. No need to dig for small change and find a parking meter. Parking in the Home Area is always for free, as long as it's legal street parking.

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        1. The Home Area is our operative area, in which our vehicles free-float around the city. More details will be disclosed soon.

        2. In case of an accident, a deductible may apply.

        3. In all car2go cities, special arrangements for parking may occur. Therefore take a look here on the website before you start your journey, which rules apply in your city. If you leave your car2go outside the home area, additional costs may be incurred.

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