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The Original

The smart fortwo is the first carsharing vehicle to ever hit the streets. The pilot was launched in 2008 in Ulm, Germany. Today, the smart is the most beloved member of our fleet because of its record-breaking super-small turning radius (6.95m), city-friendly proportions, and futuristic design. As one journalist has put it, it's like "a shiny white mouse" with a "pleasing baritone."

Perfect for quick trips and tricky parking situations, the smart fortwo is the iconic car2go vehicle in more than 20 European cities. In selected cities, the smart fortwo is even available in electric and convertible models.

0,24 €
/ minute

Minute rate1,2: from 0,24 € to 0,34 €

2h package: 17,90 €

4h package: 29,90 €

6h package: 39,90 €

1-day package: 79,00 €

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Vehicle features



Turning circle: 6.95m

...and Electric

...in Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, Stuttgart


How to start a trip

Tap on a car in the app and on "Start". The app will ask you to enter your PIN, followed by the car's access code. The access code is displayed in the windshield display. This confirms your identity and that you're actually at the car. The car will unlock automatically within 3 seconds. Yeah, it's nice. Kinda like magic.

You'll find the car key inside the glove compartment.

Seat heating, climate control


Creature comforts

Touchscreen GPS gets you where need to go and saves time with live traffic updates. If you leave the Home Area, the system will say so.

Bluetooth audio system lets you escape lousy radio stations. Just connect your device and play your favorite songs via Bluetooth, MP3, or a USB stick.

Climate control, seat heating: Because short trips shouldn't mean sweaty hands and freezing bums.


Torque on tap

Electric mobility means full torque on the tap. Accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in just 5.5 seconds – not bad, right?

Silent drive makes you feel as stealthy as a ninja – and reduces city noise pollution while you're at it.

Charging is free within the Home Area. With a charging cable in the car trunk and charging stations all over the city, you have zero range anxiety.

1. The rates are subject to change depending on the car model, location and start time of your reservation or trip (whichever is earliest). You will be asked to confirm the specific price before starting your reservation or trip in the app.

2. All prices include VAT where applicable. Additional costs and fees are listed in our Fee and Cost Policy.