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With car2go you always have a car when you need one. Simply use the app to rent, drive and park.

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How it works

Thanks to car2go, carsharing has never been easier. Register, validate and drive – with car2go you always have a car when you need one.


Sign up now to drive and enjoy flexibly and unlimited options car2go offers.

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With the car2go app you see immediately which cars are available nearby. Choose one and reserve it up to 30 minutes before departure.


Use your car2go app to start your rental, then simply drive to your destination.


You can park your car2go for free on every public parking lot within the car2go home area. Private and corporate parking lots are taboo for car2gos.*

Find a car2go

You’re never far from a car2go in Mailand
find and view our carsharing locations in real time with the car2go app.

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Our prices are always fair and in your favor. We charge for carsharing per minute, hour or day.

0,29 € / minute

...when you need a car for a short drive right now.

14,90 € / 1 hour

You need more than a few minutes? There’s an hour-price for that.

59,00 € / 24 hours

Take your time and enjoy car2go all day.


Parking position reached – you can now reserve your car2go so that you won’t have to carry your suitcase. Quick, hassle-free, always available.

Remember: for our car-sharing to the airport and from the airport, we charge an extra fee of 4,90 €.
(charged if a rental starts and ends in the airport zone.)
48°41′24″N 009°13′19″E

You love driving to the airport? car2go is your airport shuttle - with Lufthansa Express, you have many more benefits. On our special information page you can find out more about this.

    GPS coordinates:
    Latitude: 48.687658, Longitude: 9.205544


      On your next beauty and wellness treatment in over 800 saloons.

      (Reserved for car2go customers)

      Simply use the code VANI2GO when booking.

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      * In all car2go cities there may be special arrangements for parking. Therefore, make sure to check them out on the website before your journey to see which rules apply in your city.

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