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Find a car2go in Milan

There's always a car2go near you. The app shows you a live dynamic map of where all our cars are in your Home Area. Rent, reserve, set a radar – all you need is the app.


Find cars

See a car2go on your street? Reserve it for 20 minutes or start a trip on the spot. You can also set a radar with a preferred time and location and we'll alert you when a car becomes available.


Find parking

You can park on any legal on-street public parking for free. But in case you're looking for parking, you can use the app to find specially reserved car2go carparks and garages all over the city.


Find gas stations

Use the app to locate approved gas stations near you in case your car is running out of fuel. It's for free and you'll even receive a little something for refueling each car that's low on fuel. Terms apply.

Milan Home Area

Within the Home Area, you’re home free. Think of it as our operative area, in which our vehicles free-float around the city. Grab a car off the streets, park it back when you’re done. Legal street parking in the Home Area is always for free.

  • You can temporarily leave the Home Area during your trip or make a stopover.
  • You can park for free on public street parking inside the Home Area.
  • You must start and end your trip inside the same Home Area.
  • Need more flexibility? You can end your trip in drop off zones for a fee.

View Milan Home Area (PDF)

What is a ZTL?

In Italy, it is common for cities to have restricted traffic zones – called "Zona a Traffico Limitato" (ZTL). To ease congestion and pollution, these zones are reserved for public transportation only. With car2go, you're allowed to enter some of these ZTLs, but not all.

In Milan, you may enter the following ZTL:

- Area C

However, please avoid the following ZTLs:

- Garibaldi
- Sarpi
- Arco della Pace
- Ticinese e Navigli

Also, play nice and stay off the lanes reserved for buses, taxis, and pedestrians :)


Carsharing with us offers you ultimate parking freedom. You can always park your car inside the Home Area. Just make sure it’s a public parking spot. The best part? It costs you nothing.

Drop off fees

Drop off zones are marked as Zone B on the Home Area map. For a drop off fee, you can leave your car in these zones.

Zone B: 4,90 €

View Milan Parking Info


I’ll be quick! Keep the same car without giving it up – just park without ending the trip. Stopovers are perfect for stopping inside a shopping mall’s private park garage or for picking up your kid at school.

  • As long as the trip is still running, the minute rate will apply.
  • If you park in a private parking garage, you pay for the fee yourself.
  • You can make a stopover outside the Home Area.
  • You must start and end your trip inside the same Home Area.


Linate Airport

Linate Airport will be closed for special construction works from July 27th to October 27th, 2019.

This means you won't be able to drive to Linate Airport with car2go during this time. But there’s some good news: Many flights will be redirected to Milan Malpensa Airport, which you can reach by using DriveNow, our carsharing partner-in-crime. Register now and try it out!

We partner with most major airports in Europe. You might be able to enjoy car2go at your destination's airport for a seamless connection into the city.