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Surprisingly Open

It's the most open smart car of all time. Rent the sportier cousin to the iconic fortwo. Take things down a notch, let down your hair, and open up the rooftop. It only takes a push of a button. You don't have to be at the beach – the cabrio lets you see the city in a whole new light. With alloy wheels, taking the cabrio for a spin on city pavements has never been more comfortable.

Available in Germany and Italy, the smart fortwo cabrio is perfect for warmer weather and a pinch more fun.

€ 0,24
/ minute

Minute rate1,2: 0,24 € to 0,34 € per minute

2h package: 24,90 €

4h package: 44,90 €

6h package: 64,90 €

1-day package: 109 €

2-day package: 189 €

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Vehicle features


Automatic transmission


Turning circle: 6.95m


How to rent a smart cabrio

Tap on a cabrio in the app and on "Start". The app will ask you to enter your PIN, followed by the car's access code. The access code is displayed in the windshield display. This confirms your identity and that you're actually at the car. The cabrio will unlock automatically within 3 seconds. Yeah, it's nice. Kinda like magic.

You'll find the car key inside the glove compartment.


How to open up the rooftop

Near the gearshift you will find the button for opening the roof. Hold the button down until the roof slides back and clicks in place. Make sure the rooftop is fully folded back. It only takes 12 seconds.

You don't have to remove the side bars, but it's easy if you want to. On the inside of the bars, you will find a black lever. Pull up the lever to release the bars, then simply lift the bar and detach it from the front.

Place the side bars in the trunk. There is a special compartment to store the bars. Follow the pictured instructions in the compartment to store the bars correctly. Close the compartment with the special extendable straps.


How to install the rooftop

To close the rooftop of the cabrio, just repeat the process described above – but backwards ;)

Open up the car trunk and take out the side bars from the compartment. Install the side bars back into place. To secure the bars correctly, it helps if you apply slight pressure. Finally, press the button next to the gearshift to close the sunroof.

1. The rates are subject to change depending on the car model, location and start time of your reservation or trip (whichever is earliest). You will be asked to confirm the specific price before starting your reservation or trip in the app. This only applies to trips made in app versions 3.28 and newer. In older app versions, prices are: smart fortwo 0,24 €/min, smart forfour 0,26 €/min, smart fortwo cabrio 0,29 €/min.

2. All prices include VAT where applicable. Additional costs and fees are listed in our fee and cost policy.