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Buongiorno Turin

Forget car rental by the day as you know it. Carsharing is just like having your own car in Turin. We’re in front of your favorite bar in San Donato, next to the Juventus Stadium, and all over the car2go airport parking area. Find out what it means to be #proudtoshare in Turin.

What is car2go?

car2go is the world's first free-floating carsharing service. Our fleet operates without fixed rental stations. All you need is the app. Grab a car2go anywhere in the Home Area1 of Turin. When you're done, park it back on the streets for free. For a low price per minute that includes everything from parking to fueling, you now have a fleet of cars in the city.

How car2go works

Our prices in Turin2,3

It couldn't be easier. You only pay per minute

from 0,19€
per minute

smart fortwo

from 0,21€
per minute

smart forfour

from 0,24€
per minute

smart fortwo cabrio

Our fleet in Turin

Owning a car is nice. But sharing is nicer.

Everyone's favorite getaway car. Forgot something? Just turn around. With the smart's super-small turning radius, even turning around in circles is fun. In Turin, we have hundreds of:

- smart fortwo cabrio

- smart fortwo

- smart forfour

    Enjoy a fleet of 450 cars in Turin – all one tap away on your smartphone. Our car2go fleet in Turin comprises a range of compact and powerful models. From boardroom to bar, you have the perfect set of wheels for every occasion.

      Why use car2go in Turin

      From Vía Po to the Lingotto Fiere– you’ve never done car rental like this before. Carsharing with car2go is a new way of moving around in the city without owning a car. No more paperwork to fill out. No more dingy rental stations to pick up your car. Start driving car2go in Turin – all you need is the app. It’s the future, only it’s right now.



      We work together with local governments so you can enjoy free legal street parking in Turin. You don't have to return the car to a fixed rental station.


      Keyless access

      Everything is just a few taps away – on your smartphone. Unlock thousands of cars, start driving, earn credit, and join a global community – all with the app.



      Carsharing is friendly on cities because it reduces the number of cars on the streets. When you use car2go, you’re helping to ease traffic in Turin.

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      Download our Carsharing app for FREE

      We weren't voted top 10 apps of 2017 by TIME for no reason.

      It is 2019. Who needs car keys?

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        Swipe to end your trip. Or return the car key to the glove compartment and just walk away. The trip will automatically end and the car will lock itself.

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          When you need a ride in Turin…

          I forgot my umbrella.

          I missed my metro at Porta Nuova.

          I’m late for work!

          I feel like being alone.

          I can’t carry all my shopping bags.

          I’ve got a date tonight.

          I’ve got to deliver this cake.

          I’ve got to go to the airport.

          I feel like going to Piazza Castello.

          My car is too far away.

          My mother is waiting for me.

          I feel like driving along the river Po.

          ...car2go is there.

          1. In all car2go cities there may be special arrangements for parking. Therefore, make sure to check them out on the website before your journey to see which rules apply in your city. If you leave your car2go outside the home area, additional costs may be incurred.

          2. All prices include VAT where applicable. Additional costs and fees are listed in our fee and cost policy.

          3. The rates are subject to change depending on the car model, location and start time of your reservation or trip (whichever is earliest). You will be asked to confirm the specific price before starting your reservation or trip in the app. This only applies to trips made in app versions 3.28 and newer. In older app versions, prices are: smart fortwo 0,24 €/min, smart forfour 0,26 €/min, smart fortwo cabrio 0,29 €/min.

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