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Introductory car2go Packages

We know life can get unpredictable but your trip costs shouldn’t be. With our new Trip Packages you’ll have the option to select a package that best suits your needs. Each package differs in time, mileage, and cost, so you know what you’re getting before you go.

If your car2go Package runs out before you’re done – don’t sweat it! You’ll be charged the minute rate until you’re ready to complete your trip.

1 Hour

Perfect for when you’re meeting friends across town.

50 miles included

3 Hour

Stopping at the store, picking up the kids and the dry cleaning? This is the package for you!

80 miles included

6 Hour

For when you’re exploring the great outdoors or embarking on a lengthy shopping trip.

120 miles included

1 Day

This is useful for when your day is filled with to-dos.

150 miles per trip included

2 Day

Pick this package when you need to escape for a couple of days.

300 miles per trip included

Our rates include:


Park in any approved legal spot and the cost is on us.


Don't have car insurance? No problem. Insurance is always included in the price.


Running errands and road trips just got cheaper. Never pay for gas: there's no need to refuel when you're done with a car.

How do I book a car2go package with the app?

Select the Package that best suits your needs in three easy steps: Locate, Choose and Confirm.

Once you select a car2go, you'll see the option to select a Trip Package.

    From there, you'll see the various car2go packages offered at the moment. Just pick the one that's right for you!

      We'll show a confirmation screen before your selection is final, so you can make sure everything looks good. Now you can start the rental and get going!

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Can I book a car2go package in advance?

        You’ll be able to choose a package once you select the car you’d like to rent – just before you start your actual rental, or at any time during the reservation. Currently, it isn’t possible to book car2go packages further in advance.

        Do my free minutes or credits count toward a car2go package?

        Free car2go drive time can only be applied to a rental if the Minute Rate option is selected. Free drive time cannot be applied to hourly or day Trip Packages. If you exceed the selected hourly or day Trip Package, you will begin to be billed by the minute, and then your free drive time will start to apply to your active rental.

        What happens if I don’t use all the time or mileage on my package?

        Pricing packages are non-refundable and cannot be applied to future rentals, which is why we encourage you to choose carefully when booking your car2go with a pricing package.

        What if I drive more miles or go over the time that’s included in the package?

        Sometimes trips take longer than planned! If you exceed the time limit associated with the Trip Package selected, you will be billed the minute rate until your rental is completed. If the mileage limited of the selected Trip Package is exceeded, you’ll be billed $0.45 (+ tax) for each additional mile.


        What happens if I stop somewhere during my trip?

        No matter if you selected the minute rate, an hourly, or day package, the stopover process is still the same – simply turn off the car and take the key with you. Your rental will continue running during this time, so if you selected the Minute Rate, you’ll continue to be billed by the minute, and if you chose an hourly or day package the time limit associated with it will continue to countdown.