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car2go and Vision Zero: committed to road safety

car2go is proud to be the safe driving leader and the first carsharing company to support Vision Zero

  • Introduction

    car2go is committed to helping make every car2go city an even better place to live. We’ve always done that by helping to reduce traffic congestion while improving air quality, and with our commitment to safe driving practices and the Vision Zero initiative, we take it a step further to actively encourage and reward our members’ strong record of road safety. As transportation options and habits evolve, getting from A to B safely is more important than ever.

  • Proud of our members

    car2go’s one million-plus North American members are already are some of the safest drivers on the road. Our members took more than 8.75 million trips in 2016 travelling more than 59 million miles. Of those millions of car2go trips, just .01% of involved a collision. In fact, for every mile travelled in a car2go in 2016, the chance of a collision was .00156%.

    That’s something we’re very proud of, but car2go won’t stop until we work with our members achieve zero collisions.

How car2go is supporting Safe Driving

We’re continually working to bring more safety into our service, our vehicles, and to help our members be the best drivers on the street. What's listed below is just the beginning of what's to come.

Rewarding member education: On May 3, 2017, car2go strengthened its commitment to Vision Zero and road safety by becoming the first carsharing service to reward members for road safety education with the launch of a pilot program that awards car2go credit to members who take online road safety courses provided free-of-charge by car2go. These free online courses, which normally cost up to $49.95 each, are provided by the National Safety Council, a nonprofit organization widely recognized as America’s leading safety advocate for more than 100 years. On March 8, 2018 car2go expanded access to these free online road safety courses to all of our 625,000 U.S. members. We plan to make Canadian road safety courses available in the future.

Using data for safety: Taking years of our own data, leveraging city traffic data, and integrating studies on road safety, we’re able to find ways to keep our members safer.

Road to Zero Coalition: : car2go has joined the Road to Zero Coalition, a coalition of a body composed of private companies, nonprofits, city, state and federal government agencies dedicated to driving traffic deaths down to zero within the next 30 years. Learn more about the coalition here.

Zero tolerance: Being a car2go member means being a safe driver. If you go behind the wheel in a car2go impaired or get one citation for unsafe driving, you’re out. Permanently.

Working with cities, advocacy groups:

We’re finding new ways to work with cities and road safety advocacy groups on their own Vision Zero and road safety initiatives to achieve common goals.

Most car2go cities have Vision Zero strategies in place. Scroll down to find your city's Vision Zero plans.

Our vehicle network: car2go’s North American vehicle network features new generation smart and Mercedes-Benz vehicles with advanced safety features that include Blind Spot Assist, adaptive braking, rear-view cameras, electronic stability control, and Crosswind assist in addition to anti-lock brakes and multiple driver and passenger airbags.

One-way carsharing itself: recent research revealed that one-way carsharing helps to reduce overall traffic congestion. U.C. Berkeley conducted the first ever impact study of one-way carsharing in North American cities and found that each car2go vehicle removed up to 11 other vehicles from the road, with the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What can I do to support Safe Driving?

Never speed. Driving faster than the speed limit is not only illegal, it endangers you and your community.

Always share the road. It’s not just a talking point: pedestrians and bicyclists are car2go members too, and we’re all trying to get from A to B safely and efficiently. Be mindful of everyone using the road.

Don’t drive distracted. Finish texts and set up your navigation before you start driving. Our vehicle network also has many features like Bluetooth connectivity, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so that our members’ hands stay on the steering wheel while driving.

Get Involved

Your city is working on a Vision Zero initiative or a similar plan. Learn more:

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