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That's included

You only pay the price per minute – all costs for parking, charging and insurance* are already included.


You can return the vehicle to any parking space that is accessible to everybody in the car2go home area for free. Parking on private or company spaces is not allowed for car2go vehicles.** If you park your car2go outside the home area, additional costs may occur.


No hidden costs: The insurance is always included in the price.


You can park your carsharing vehicle without a detour to charging station. Should you still need to charge or refuel, we will credit 10 free minutes*** to your account for a level of < 30%.


With car2go driving is hassle-free and convenient. Our service team cares about the service, cleaning and maintenance of the cars. You drive, do the rest.

* In case of an accident a deductible may apply. For more information take a look at the T&C’s.

** In all car2go cities, special arrangements for parking may occur. Therefore take a look here on the website before you start your journey, which rules apply in your city.

*** Free minutes can only be booked on a private standard car2go account.

Drive by the minute

The city is yours! Grab the closest car2go and get going. Whenever and wherever you like.


Just a short trip?

With the practical car2go minute rate you your drive conveniently. No matter if you are coming home from the gym, you‘re loaded with your shopping or you just feel like driving – with car2go you can always have a car whenever you need one.


Need more time?

We have the hourly rate for you. As soon as you pass the hour, we will calculate the hourly rate for you. We calculate car sharing by the minute and we have particular multi-hour rates. You can therefore easily plan your stopovers and do everything on your to-do list.

Minute packages

Our minute packages bundle together either 115 or 280 minutes to bring you even greater value and convenience. Enjoy easier car sharing with car2go.

By the way, you can flexibly resign your subscription every month.
The general terms and conditions under minutes.car2go.com.

  • car2go 280

    280 Minuten für 69 €/ Monat = 23 Ct/ Min.

    Take more time for all of your plans and enjoy driving in Amsterdam with the most conveniente car sharing rate. Simply select this option in the car2go app and drive off!

Prices in detail

Valid till 13th Sept.

Validation fee 9,00 €****
1 minute driving
0,31 €
1 parking minute
0,31 €
1 hour driving
14,90 €
24 hours driving69,90 €
In addition each kilometer after 50km0,31 €
Loss or damage of car2go charging card50,00 €
Loss of vehicle ignition key350,00 €
Cost of re-parking unlawfully parked vehicles50,00 €
Towing by towing companydepending on towing company's invoice
Processing of towing incidents or self-inflicted damages50,00 €
Processing of offences10,00 €
Service drive to vehicle due to customers fault50,00 €
Special cleaning or repair of the vehicle due to a violation of the car2go lease terms50,00 €
Special cases, criminally relevant facts150,00 €
Driving abroad250,00 €
Processing of cancellation of reminder changes5,00 €
Usage of the hotline "Emergency and technical support" when sitting in the car2go (SOS-Button on the touchscreen in vehicles that work with the member card)free of charge
Charges of usages for the Hotline (Emergency and technical Support)local rate
Credit for refueling a car2go vehicle, only if the car2go was running on empty (less than 30%)10 free minutes
Unlocked/unsecured car50,00 €
Processing of cancellation of reminder changes5,00 €
Letting a third party drive the car2go1.000,00 €

Pricing list

Find an overview of our prices here.

****At registration and validation you pay a fee of 9 € for the validation of your driving license. However, you will get 15 € of credit, which is credited as driving minutes to your car2go account. The minutes will be credited to your account within 3 working days after the validation of the driving license and they are valid for 30 days.