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Enter your personal data, including your address and payment information on the car2go website for access to carsharing in Amsterdam.

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Simply scan your driver's license using the app. We can then directly validate both your driver's license and address so that you are able to use car2go carsharing straight away.

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Go to a validation point

In case the online validation didn't work, find a validation shop and present your driver’s license and ID card. You are then free to enjoy carsharing in Amsterdam with car2go.

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Your driver's license please!

You´ve already registered for car2go? Great! Now you only need two more steps till you can drive car2go for the first time.

The car2go app is the key to car2go. Simply download the car2go app for free, complete the validation and afterwards you can already find vehicles via app, book, open and drive off. Everything about the rent with your smartphone you can find under rent.car2go.com.

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    After downloading the app you're almost done: You can easily validate your license online with the car2go app. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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      Search and reserve

      With the car2go app you can easily find and reserve any available vehicle.

      car2go app

      With the car2go app you can easily find and reserve any available vehicle.

      Reserve your car2go with the app up to 20 minutes before departure. With the car2go app you can easily find and reserve every available car2go.

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        Click "start rental" button in the app and wait until the car will open. Enter your 4 digit PIN on the touchscreen inside the car. The car will thus open.

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          You can easily end the rental anywhere in the home area with the car2go app or the screen on the dashboard in the car. You can now park for free within the car2go home area.

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            Use your smartphone as your remote control with the car2go app.

            Your smartphone is your remote control: the app displays all available vehicles on a real-time map. Find a car, reserve it using your smartphone. car2go is always available to you whenever you need it.

              car2go electric drive vehicles can be charged at any charging station: use the car2go app to find the one closest to you. However, charging is not required: If you charge your car2go with a charge level of < 25% you get 10 free minutes.** Please ensure not to park without charging at the charging stations – which is not only unfair towards the community, but also against our policy, which means that it leads to fines.

                Driving car2go is easy!

                Have a look – this video shows how car2go works.

                This is how the car2go app works

                This is how you rent a car2go with the car2go app.

                Hassle-free parking

                Parking? Is on us.


                You can park your car2go for free on every public parking lot within the car2go home area. Private and corporate parking lots are taboo for car2gos.* If you leave your car2go outside the home area, additional costs may occur.

                * In all car2go cities there may be special arrangements for parking. Therefore, make sure to check them out on the website before your journey to see which rules apply in your city.

                Parking rules

                Any questions left?

                Answers to all your questions about car sharing in Amsterdam you’ll find in the FAQs.

                * Following driving licences are accepted: - European driving licences from the EU/EEA and of Switzerland.

                -Driver's licenses of non-EU/-EWR/-Schweiz countries are only valid in conjunction with an international driving licence or a certified translation of the national licence and are valid for six months from entry. Proof of entry can be provided with a flight ticket, the registration certificate or the visa.

                ** Free minutes can only be booked on a private standard car2go account.