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Any other rules?

Just a few ;) As you share car2go with other community members, we thank you for remembering the following guidelines:

  • No alcohol (0.0 parts per thousand)
  • No drugs
  • No smoking
  • No animals without a pet carrier or cage
  • Not more than one passenger in the smart fortwo models
  • Don't remove objects and equipment from the car2go vehicle
  • Don't allow others to drive the car2go you've rented
  • Treat the car2go vehicle with care
  • Please report damages to Customer Support

Are animals allowed to ride in a car2go?

Of course! But please keep them in a pet carrier, so that other members won't find hairs or dirt in the car. Unfortunately, animals without a pet carrier may not travel in a car2go.

Are the car2go vehicles insured?

Yes. All car2go vehicles are covered by liability insurance. These fees are already covered in our prices.

Are there any recurring membership fees?

Nope. All you pay is a one-time validation fee when you first register for car2go. This fee will be charged to your default payment profile. After that, you only pay for the trips you make.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes. You can cancel a reservation without any charges using the car2go app.

Can I drive to another city with a car2go?

Yes. You can leave the Home Area temporarily to visit other cities but your trip must always start and end in the same Home Area. You may not leave the country with car2go. We recommend checking out the map of your Home Area on your dedicated city page or in the app for more information.

If a Home Area includes more than one town, it's possible to start your trip in one town and end it in another. For example, in the Stuttgart Home Area, you can start your trip in Böblingen and end it in Esslingen without extra fees.

Note: The Rhineland Home Area includes Cologne and Düsseldorf but you will be charged a special intercity fee if you start rental in Cologne and end it in Düsselforf (and vice-versa).

Can I drive to another country? I promise to drive back to the Home Area!

No. You may not use car2go to drive to another country. Leaving the country will result in a fine. You may leave the Home Area temporarily to visit other cities within the country as long as you start and end your trip in the same Home Area.

Can I park in Blue Zones using the EU parking disc?

With car2go, you can park for free in legal, public street parking, but parking conditions will vary by location. Please check your dedicated city page for complete parking information:


Parking in Berlin

Parking in Frankfurt

Parking in Hamburg

Parking in Munich

Parking in Rhineland

Parking in Stuttgart


Parking in Florence

Parking in Milan

Parking in Turin

Parking in Rome


Parking in Vienna


Parking in Amsterdam


Parking in Madrid

Can I park in a private car park, for example, inside a shopping mall?

Well, okay, but on 3 conditions:

1. You pay for the parking fees yourself.

2. You don't end your rental inside the car park.

3. You return the car2go to a legal public street parking.

Can I park without ending the trip?

Yes. Sometimes you just want to drop by somewhere for a quick errand. To make a stopover, i.e. to park without ending rental, just lock the car2go and take the key with you. The rental only ends if you return the key to the card holder. As long as the rental is running, the minute rate will apply.

Can I pay an outstanding amount with a different payment profile after the invoice has been issued?

Sorry, due to technical reasons we are unable to change the payment profile after the invoice has been issued. Please check your payment profiles carefully and correct these if necessary.

Can I reserve a car2go in advance?

Yes. Using the car2go app, you can easily find and reserve a car2go for up to 20 minutes. You can reserve 1 vehicle at a time and you can reserve the same vehicle every 2 hours. This is in keeping with the spirit of the car2go community, which shares all its vehicles. Reservations are always for free.

Can I use my car2go account in another country?

car2go is currently available in several European Union (EU) countries, the US, and China.

Within the EU, you can use the same car2go account. Please note that other EU countries may have different prices and terms and conditions. To use your car2go account in a new EU country, you must accept the terms and conditions of that country.

To use car2go in the US or China, you must register for a new account. For legal and technical reasons, it's not possible to have one account that rules them all. (It would be cool, though.) This means that if you're roaming, you must log out of your EU account and into your US account to view separate trip and payment details.

Do I have to renew my car2go membership?

Nope. As long as you don't cancel your contract with car2go and don't breach the car2go terms and conditions, you're a member for life.

How and where do I validate my driver's license and why is this part of the process?

As a carsharing company, we're obliged to check the validity of your driver's license every 3 years. You can validate your driver's license in a few easy steps using the car2go app, or you can do this in person by visiting a validation point in your city.

How can I contact car2go?

If you're in a car2go, you can always call Customer Support using the in-car navigation system. Our Customer Support Hotline can also be found in the car2go app under "Help."

If you are a private customer, reach us at:

Germany: kundenservice@car2go.com (email), +493023340110 (hotline)

Austria: wien@car2go.com (email), +4312677111 (hotline)

Netherlands: klantenservice@car2go.com (email), +31203228989 (hotline)

Italy: servizioclienti@car2go.com (email), +390260063093 (hotline)

Spain: atencionalcliente@car2go.com (email), +349110309473 (hotline)

If you are a business customer, write to us at:

Germany: business.de@car2go.com

Austria: business.at@car2go.com

Netherlands: business.nl@car2go.com

Italy: business.it@car2go.com

Spain: business.es@car2go.com

If you are a journalist, write to us at: media_car2go@daimler.com

If you have a question about payment, write to us at: rechnung@payment.car2go.com

How can I edit my personal details?

Log in on the car2go website and go to My Account to edit personal details such as address, telephone number, email address, and password.

To prevent identity theft and fraud, names can't be changed online. To change your name, fill in the Name Change Form (DE, ES, IT, NL) and email a scanned copy to Customer Support. Attach a copy of your marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate or name change certificate.

How can I pay?

You can pay with your credit card or with SEPA Direct Debit (currently only accepted in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands). You can also easily switch between payment profiles if you use car2go for both private and business purposes.

How can I register as a company?

With car2go for business, now anyone can make their next business trip using the car2go app. To use car2go for business, company employees first need to have their own private car2go accounts. car2go offers two options for distinguishing between private and business trips: Business Profile (travel expenses) and Business Account (monthly collective invoice). To learn more, contact car2go for business in your country.

How do I change my PIN?

When you register, you'll be asked to set a unique 4-digit car2go PIN that you will use for each trip. This PIN cannot be changed. You can always retrieve your PIN using your car2go app. An SMS containing your PIN will be sent to your mobile phone number.

How do I change my password?

You can change the password for your car2go account by logging in on the website and editing your profile under "My Details."

How do I charge an electric car2go?

Charging an electric car2go is fun and -- dare we say -- addictive:

1. Locate a charging station near you using the in-car navigation system.

2. Find the charging card in the card holder. Use the card to unlock the charging station.

3. Find the charging cable in the trunk. Connect the car to the station.

4. If everything works correctly, the green LED above the car's charging socket will light up.

5. Return the car key and charging card. End your trip.

Did you know? You earn 10 free minutes (valid for 30 days in your location) each time you charge a car2go that has less than 50% battery level (30% in the Netherlands). Just our way of saying thank you.

How do I know if I'm outside the Home Area?

You can always view your location and the Home Area in the car2go app. The navigation system in the car2go vehicle will also let you know if you're outside the Home Area.

How do I report damages on a car2go vehicle?

Good catch! Report the damages in the car2go app or to Customer Support before you start your trip.

How do I start an electric car2go smart?

In the electric smarts, you can find the key to the left of the steering wheel. To start the car2go, turn the key from Position I all the way to Position II. To start driving, put the car into "D" mode. In the electric smarts, the word "ready" appears on the display behind the steering wheel when the engine starts.

How do I start and end a trip?

To start a trip:

1. Locate a car2go near you using your app.

2. Go to the car2go vehicle in question and tap on "Start" in your app.

3. Enter your 4-digit car2go PIN in your app.

4. A 3-digit access code will appear in the windshield unit of the car. Enter this access code in your app.

5. The app will let you know that the rental has begun and you'll hear the car unlock itself.

To end a trip:

1. Return the car key to the card holder.

2. Make sure the car is clean and that you've taken all your belongings with you. Close all doors and windows.

3. The rental should then end automatically. You can also end rental using your app.

4. Check and report any damages to Customer Support.

How far can I drive with an electric car2go vehicle?

The range of a fully charged electric vehicle can go up to 100km (+/- 20km). The range will be displayed in the app and in the car. Please bear in mind that there may be no charging stations outside the Home Area.

My smartphone ran out of battery in the middle of a trip. How can I end my rental?

Take a deep breath. If you're renting one of our new car2go models (i.e. Mercedes-Benz, the new smart fortwo), there should be a multi-charging smartphone cable in the car – unless it’s been stolen. Otherwise, just end the rental as you normally would. Return the car key to the card holder and make sure the car's doors and windows are safely closed. The rental should end automatically.

What are these scary Android app permissions the car2go app is asking for?

After you download and open the car2go app, your Android mobile device will ask you for "permissions." Permissions are special authorizations that apps must ask for if they want to access data or functions on your phone. For example, if you'd like to find a car2go near you, the car2go app will ask for permission to see your exact location. Some apps ask for more permissions than necessary – not cool. We ask for the bare necessities so that the car2go app will work well for you. You’ll find a full list of Android app permissions that the car2go app will ask for and why under our Privacy Policy. 

What happens if my payment fails?

If the amount due can't be debited, your car2go account will be temporarily locked. If you're paying by credit card, there will be 3 more attempts to debit the amount from your payment profile (on Mondays and Wednesdays). After that, you will receive a dunning letter, which will ask you to transfer the outstanding amount to our bank account. If you're paying by direct debit, you can transfer the outstanding amount to our bank account.

What is SEPA Direct Debit ?

SEPA Direct Debit lets you pay by bank account instead of with a credit card. A SEPA Direct Debit Mandate is the authorisation you give to merchants allowing them to collect future payments from your Euro-denominated bank account. You can view the current status of your SEPA Direct Debit Mandate in your car2go account. We currently only accept SEPA Direct Debit in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.

What is a "drop off fee"?

A drop off fee applies when you end your trip (i.e. drop off your car2go vehicle) in special designated zones that are just outside the Home Area city. These zones are marked as "Zone A" or "Zone B" on your Home Area map. Learn more about the Home Area map on your dedicated city page or in the app.

What is a Home Area? Can I drive outside of it?

Think of the Home Area as our operating area, in which car2go vehicles free-float around the city. You may leave the Home Area temporarily but you must drive back to the same Home Area to end the rental. If you're driving an electric car2go, please note that the range of a fully charged electric car is up to 100km (+/- 20km) and that there may not be charging stations outside the Home Area.

What is car2go for business?

car2go for business is our answer to the company car. It’s a simple way for companies to offer employees an attractive mobility solution while keeping travel management easy and fixed costs low. Now anyone can make their next business trip using the car2go app. To learn more, contact us via the car2go for business contact form.

What is the maximum rental duration?

You can rent a car2go vehicle for a maximum of 24 hours. In fact, with car2go packages, you can book a package for 2, 4 or 6 hours – up to 24 hours – and save on the normal minute price (the offer is subject to location).

What kind of equipment do you provide in each car2go?

We all like a good ride. car2go vehicles are equipped with the following features:

  • Automatic transmission or semi-automatic gearbox
  • Start-stop system
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
  • Air conditioning
  • Radio

What should I do if I get caught on camera by a speed trap?

Oho. So it depends where you are, but basically nobody gets away with it.

In Germany, Italy, and Spain, when the authorities get in touch with us, we name the member who was driving that specific car2go at that point in time. The authorities then contacts the member with the fine and we charge an administration fee on the member's account.

In the Netherlands, the member driving that specific car will be charged directly for the fine.

In Austria, we forward the fine directly to the authorities.

What should I do if I get stopped by the police?

If asked to do so by the police, show your driver's license and the vehicle registration. In the electric smarts, you can find a copy of the vehicle registration in a side compartment on the left-hand side of the trunk. In other models, you can find the copy in the area of the trunk where you would normally find the spare tire.

What should I do if I've forgotten my car2go PIN?

Calm down. You can always retrieve your unique 4-digit PIN using your car2go app. An SMS containing your PIN will be sent to your mobile phone number.

What should I do if I've had an accident?

Oh no! We hope everything is alright. Dial 112 (in Europe) or 110 (in Germany) immediately and wait until the accident has been processed by the police. Also, call Customer Support and inform them about the accident. You can always use the SOS call button in the in-car navigation system or find the Hotline number in the app.

What should I do if I've lost or found an object in a car2go?

All lost and found items should be reported to Customer Support. We'll determine with you whether you should put the found items into the trunk or if we should secure the vehicle and send someone to recover it.

In case of dangerous items, we'll determine with you if the item should be reported to the police.

car2go doesn't assume liability for items left behind in a car2go vehicle. So, be good and report found items right away. You never know when your turn will come :)

What should I do if my car2go account got locked?

Ah. This means your default payment profile had insufficient funds at the time of billing. Don't worry, your car2go account will be unlocked as soon as the outstanding amount has been paid.

If you're using a credit card, 3 more attempts to debit the amount will be made in the next days automatically (Mondays and Wednesdays). Please check your payment profile details and correct these if necessary. If you're using direct debit, you can transfer the outstanding amount to us directly. Our bank account details can be found on our contact page.

We'll email you to let you know when your payment is successful and when your account has been unlocked :)

What should I do if my driver's license information has changed?

Please contact Customer Support as soon as possible to update your driver's license in car2go's system.

When will my credit card or bank account be debited?

Credit cards are debited on the day the invoice is issued. For direct debit, the amount is collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Where can I end my trip?

To end a trip, you need to be inside the same Home Area where you started your trip. The Home Area is our operating area, in which car2go vehicles free-float around the city. You can park for free on any legal public street parking space within the Home Area. Note: You can park and end your trip in designated zones (referred to as "Zone A" or "Zone B") outside the city in your Home Area, but a drop off fee will apply.

Where can I park?

In the Home Area, you can park car2go vehicles for free on any legal public street parking space. In some countries, you can even park on specially reserved car2go parking spaces at the airport. More details on authorised parking spots:


Parking in Berlin

Parking in Frankfurt

Parking in Hamburg

Parking in Munich

Parking in Rhineland

Parking in Stuttgart


Parking in Florence

Parking in Milan

Parking in Turin

Parking in Rome


Parking in Vienna


Parking in Amsterdam


Parking in Madrid

Who can use car2go?

Anyone is welcome to use car2go as long as they are between 18 and 89 years old and have had a valid driver's license for at least 1 year. We also accept the International Driving Permit (IDP), as long as the license authorises you to drive in the country in question. However, the IDP is not a substitute for your original driver's license. You'll need to have your passport and a valid driver's license with you when you use car2go.

Note: Only car2go members over 40 years old may use the Mercedes-AMG Models (only available in certain locations).

Who is Daimler Mobility Services GmbH (DMS)?

All your bills and invoices are issued and received by Daimler Mobility Services GmbH. The amounts debited from your bank account will be carried out under the abbreviation "Daimler Mobility Serv."

Why didn't my car2go reservation work?

Oops! car2go vehicles tend to get reserved quickly during peak hours and especially in the more popular parts of town. It may be that you were trying to reserve the same car2go vehicle at the same time as another member. Don't worry, just reserve or rent another car2go vehicle.

Will the car2go app work on my smartphone?

The car2go app is available for iOS (Version 8 or newer) and Android (Version 4.1 or newer). We no longer support Windows Phone and Blackberry. You need a working internet connection to start and end a rental.