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We will discontinue our carsharing service in Stockholm

Since December 2014 we have been offering the leading service of free-floating carsharing in Stockholm. Despite our efforts and the loyal business partners, we did not reach the necessary number of members or car-usage. Therefore we unfortunately have to inform that we will discontinue our carsharing service in Stockholm. Members will be able to use car2go normally until mid-November, afterwards the cars will be removed from service. Members’ accounts will remain active for usage in any of car2go’s 14 cities throughout Europe. In the future car2go will continue growing in other cities in Europe, as well as North America and China.
Should any of our members have questions, please contact: kundservice@car2go.com.
We want to take the chance to thank our members for this time together.

We don’t perform any new Driver’s license validations in Stockholm from Friday September 30, 2016.