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Service Ending February 29

It’s with a heavy heart that we must share that our last day of SHARE NOW service in the U.S. will be February 29, 2020. We are grateful to every customer who supported us over the years, and we regret any inconvenience caused when service ends February 29.

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Like a rental car, but way better

Grab a car2go from anywhere on the street, then drop it off anywhere on the street in the operating area.

No reservations required. No long lines. No refueling. No worries.


Grab any available car

Cars are available on the street and in designated lots around the city. A live map is available on our app.


Point A, meet Point B

You can hop in a car whenever, wherever (with no reservations required) and leave it in the Home Area (operating area) - no need to return it where you grabbed it from.


Park and go

Where you go in between starting and stopping is your adventure. Done with your trip? Park in any approved legal spot and go - no need to refuel.

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How much does it cost?

With car2go, you’re in control of every mile and every minute. Unlike other carsharing services, you only pay for how long you’re actually using the car.

What you don’t pay for: monthly fees, parking, fuel or maintenance.

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    Join for $5 + get $10 car2go credit*

    Give us a try, without a big commitment. No monthly or yearly fees, ever.

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    No annual or monthly fees or membership costs

    Once you're a member, you're a member for life.

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    Insurance, parking, and gas included

    Small price, big savings

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    Trip Packages by the minute, hour, or day

    With Trip Packages you’ll have the option to select a package that best suits your needs. Each package differs in time, mileage, and cost, so you know what you’re getting before you go.

  • Rates vary depending on vehicle model and city. Check specific rates and explore vehicles by selecting your city below:

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Your new ride(s)

Hop in and drive a Benz, without the premium car payment.

smart fortwo

Zippy and easy to park - The smart fortwo can fit in almost any parking spot and can maneuver around even the craziest downtown rush hour traffic jams.

Mercedes-Benz GLA

Sporty and spacious - This small SUV has room for 5 people, plus added cargo capacity with a handy hatchback- and all car2go GLAs have 4MATIC all-wheel drive.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Stylish and fun - There's room for 4 in this 4-door sedan. Cruise around town in a smooth, comfortable ride - even everyday errands seem a little more exciting.

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Why should you car2go?

With car2go, you get the convenience of on-the-spot mobility without the costly responsibility of car ownership. You may not need us all the time - but when you do, having the ability to hop in and drive is a lifesaver.

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    Free parking

    Park downtown for free in most cities - without having to remember to feed the meter.

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    A second (or only) car

    Fun fact: over 50% of car2go members don't own a car - but if you do, we're here when your car is in the shop, or if your family shares one car.

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    Missed the bus or train?

    Get going right away - without waiting in the cold or rain.

why does someone use car2go

Get the car2go app and get going

From setting up your account, to finding a car2go, to unlocking the car - do it all with your phone. It's like science fiction, except it's right now.

Find your next ride on the spot or reserve one up to 30 minutes in advance.

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    Unlock the car with a single tap and get on your way (the keys are in the car). End your trip using the touch screen in the car or using the app.

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      View your account, balance, recent trips and more.

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        Any questions?

        Check out our Frequently Asked Questions:

        * Taxes and fees apply to all rates. car2go credit is applied to trips charged on the default payment profile, valid for 30 days (unless otherwise specified), and redeemable in the country in which it is granted. A taxable $1 Driver Protection Fee will be applied to each member’s first 200 trips of each calendar year.