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car2go for your guests: hospitality partnership

car2go for your guests: hospitality partnership

Partnering with car2go – a unique perk for your guests

What's the benefit?

When your guests join car2go, they gain access to hundreds of cars across the city. They’re able to pick up the nearest car2go anywhere on the street and get going. No need to meet with a customer rep at an office, sift through a mountain of paperwork or return the vehicle to the same location. car2go members only pay for the amount of time they use the vehicle, with parking, gas and insurance included*.

*$1 Driver Protection fee applies to each trip for the first 90 trips of the calendar year.

The business traveler

  • Get to and from the Airport with dedicated car2go spaces at The Parking Spot.
  • Park for free downtown at meters or at dedicated parkspots.
  • Avoid sticker shock with cab or rideshare expense reports.

The Tourist

  • Visit Austin institutions like South Congress, Franklin Barbecue and the Capitol building without having to return the car from where they got it from or having to pay for parking.
  • Go straight to the major festival or event with free VIP parking at car2go Drop Zones.
  • Shop around town without the pit stops back to the hotel.

The Convention Goer

  • Escape the crowds for that quick and easy bite to eat – or to visit the newest, hottest restaurant.
  • Panel on the other side of the river? Move around town easily, without waiting for shuttles or sweating in the heat.
  • Avoid surge pricing – there are no sudden spikes in our rates. Guests can drive for just $0.41/minute, $14.99/hour or $84.99/day. Plus, for a limited time, drive for $10/hour and $50/day on the weekends (taxes/fees apply).

How do guests join car2go?

Joining car2go is as easy as taking a selfie. Guests download the car2go app, snap a picture of their license and a selfie to verify, then finish off with their preferred payment method. Service can be approved within just a few hours (approval time may vary).

Hospitality partnership benefits:

Discounted registrations for your guests upon reservation.

Free drive time minutes for guests.

Preferred hospitality partnership listing on the dedicated car2go travel page.

Offer a completely unique mobility solution that’s integrated into the Austin experience.

Apply now - email us: austin@car2go.com