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Where to car2go

car2go chicago home area

What’s the car2go Home Area? Think of it as our operating area, where our cars float freely around Chicago. Here you can grab any available car2go and leave it in any public, non-metered street parking space or dedicated car2go-only spots when you're done. The best part is? Parking costs you nothing.

Within the car2go Home Area, you can:

  • Find car2go vehicles near you
  • Reserve a car2go for up to 30 minutes
  • Start and end trips near your favorite places
  • Park in residential permit parking areas

Thinking of a longer trip outside the Home Area? That's cool with us as long as you keep a few things in mind. Trips may only start and end within the same Home Area. You may travel up to a maximum of 200 miles outside the Home Area. Trips may not exceed 24 hours unless you've selected a package of a longer duration. Other terms and conditions apply.

See the full car2go Home Area in Chicago here.

Parking in Chicago

Get ready for parking freedom in Chicago. car2go is all about giving you convenient urban parking spaces without any additional parking costs - residential permit streets and car2go dedicated spaces in the Home Area included!

It's pretty simple. To end your trip, park your car2go in an approved parking space and return the key to the holder. Make sure your trip has ended successfully and you’re good to leave the car and go.

Parking your car2go in Chicago is free and easy as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Where to Park: Ending Your Trip

Complete your trip by parking your car2go in an approved, non-metered space within the Home Area that meets one of the following criteria:

Residential spaces within the Chicago Home Area

Public, non-metered streets with no posted parking restrictions

Dedicated car2go only parking spots (you can find these in the app)

Where Not to Park: Ending Your Trip

You're responsible for any citations, tows, and vehicle relocations related to improper parking. Familiarize yourself with Chicago parking regulations. Parking spaces that are restricted and are not valid for completing a trip include:

  • Meters. At this time, you cannot end your trip at a meter during an active rental, but you can pay for meters directly during a Stopover.
  • LV2 permit areas - 24 hours before a scheduled game or event.
  • Rush hour streets, regardless of the time of day.
  • During or 24 hours prior to a scheduled street sweeping restriction.
  • United Center permit areas within 24 hours on event days.
  • In any space that violates applicable laws or regulations.

  • Posted snow routes, when in effect.
  • During or 24 hours prior to a posted temporary restriction.
  • Winter overnight parking, when in effect.
  • Fire hydrants and fire lanes.
  • No standing zones.
  • Bus stops.
  • Private driveways.

How to Park: During Your Trip

Not ready to give up your car2go? All you have to do is take the key with you and lock the doors until you are ready to end your trip. This is called a stopover. You should take a stopover when continuing a trip under these conditions:

  • Outside of the Home Area.
  • Parking in spaces that are owned by a private party; such as a school, business, or residence.
  • Parking in garages or lots where you cover the parking fee.
  • Parking in disabled spaces when in possession of a valid placard. The placard must be displayed in the vehicle during a stopover.

Keep in mind that rental charges continue until your trip has ended.