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Save on your next trip to the airport

Enjoy 50% off airport parking fee - now just $5*

car2go and the Columbus airport

car2go parking is available at The Parking Spot, adjacent to Columbus' airport. Avoid costly cab fares or paying a fortune for parking while you’re away. Stay as long as you want for an extra $5 (50% off - regularly $10*) per trip starting or leaving from the airport (plus tax).

car2go gives you an airport transportation option that is convenient and stress-free (or at least, less stressful than TSA lines). Drive yourself in the car of your choice to the airport without waiting on drivers to pick you up, and without signing contracts that airport car rentals require. Avoid costly cab fares, slow shuttles, or begging friends for rides.

How to park a car2go at the CBUS airport

It costs just an additional $5 (50% off, standard rate is $10) for trips to and from The Parking Spot (plus tax).

  • Park in the car2go spots

    To get in, take a ticket and leave it in one of the slots above the screen. The next person to use the car will need it to get out. The parking spaces will be straight ahead once you get in. Pull all the way forward to make space for another car2go to park behind you (each space fits two vehicles).

  • End your trip

    Make sure you end your trip, then stay at the vehicle and The Parking Spot shuttle will come and pick you up.

car2go parking at Columbus airport

How to pick up a car2go at The Parking Spot

Reserve your car

Once you land, make sure to reserve a car2go for the next 30 minutes using the app.

Board the shuttle

Wait for The Parking Spot shuttle in the pickup area. Tell the shuttle driver that you want to go to the car2go parking spaces.

Grab your car and go

Once inside the car, look for the ticket left by the previous member. If the ticket is missing, don’t worry! The parking agent will open the gate.

At the exit, show your ticket to the parking agent. Then you're good to go. Welcome home!

* Enjoy for a limited time only.