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Our rates include:


Park in any approved legal spot and the cost is on us.


Don't have car insurance? No problem. Insurance is always included in the price.


Running errands and road trips just got cheaper. Never pay for gas: there's no need to refuel when you're done with a car.

Introductory Trip Packages


1-Hour Package

up to 50 miles included


3-Hour Package

80 miles included


6-Hour Package

120 miles included


1-Day Package

150 miles per trip included


2-Day Package

300 miles per trip included

How do I book a package with the app?

You'll book a package just before you start your next trip.Select a car2go that's close by and you're ready to start.

Once you select a car, you'll see the option to select a package instead of using the minute rate.

    From there, you'll see the various car2go packages offered at the moment. Just pick the one that's right for you!

      We'll show a confirmation screen before your selection is final, so you can make sure everything looks good. Now you can start the rental and get going!


        Can I book a car2go package in advance?

        You’ll be able to choose a package once you select the car you’d like to rent – just before you start your actual rental, or at any time during the reservation. Currently, it isn’t possible to book car2go packages further in advance.

        Do my free minutes or credits count toward a car2go package?

        Unfortunately, car2go packages cannot be paid for with free minutes or credits. However, if your rental lasts longer than the car2go package time you selected, the additional minutes will be paid for using free minutes or credits if you started the rental with your standard payment profile.

        What happens if I don’t use all the time or mileage on my package?

        Pricing packages are non-refundable, which is why we encourage you to choose carefully when booking your car2go with a pricing package.

        What if I drive more miles or go over the time that’s included in the package?

        Sometimes trips take longer than planned! Once your package time expires, you’ll pay the car2go package price and then the default minute rate for each additional minute of your car2go rental. Once the mileage limit of your car2go package is reached, you’ll pay the long distance rate for each additional mile ($0.45 + taxes) for the entire duration of your trip. This applies to trips over 24 hours, too.


        What happens if I stop somewhere during my trip?

        You can do a stopover somewhere like a grocery store or friend’s house without ‘giving up’ your car – simply turn off the car and take the keys with you. If you didn’t book a package, the regular minute rate will still apply (think of it like keeping the meter running).

        If you did book a package, when you make a stopover, don’t end the rental via the app and don’t put the key back in the holder, otherwise your package (and rental) will end.

        Additional rates and fees:

        One-time sign-up cost$5 + Get $10 FREE drive time credit*
        Per trip driver protection fee
        Your deductible in case of an accident is $500 (up to 90 trips per calendar year). After 91 trips it’s $0.
        + taxes
        When driving under the Minute Rate: per mile after 150 miles in one day (in addition to drive-time)$0.45
        + taxes
        When driving under a Package: per mile after the maximum mileage is exceeded per trip, regardless of duration$0.45
        + taxes
        For other possible charges, please see the fee structure:Other fees
        Any portion of a minute used is charged as a full minute.
        A day is defined as 24 hours from the start of your trip.
        All rates and packages apply for up to 150 miles per day (not per trip), up to 3 days in a row. The minute rate applies for up to 150 miles per day

        *Taxes and fees apply to all rates. Drive time credits are applied to the default payment profile, are valid for 30 days (unless otherwise specified), are only redeemable in the member’s car2go city, and do not apply to drive-time packages. A taxable $1 Driver Protection Fee will be applied to each member’s first 200 trips of each calendar year

        ** Enjoy for a limited time only. Standard rate is $0.41/minute.