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The map and the app shows you where cars are available right now

The blue border outlines our Home Area - think of it as our operating area, where car2gos live. Cars can move around and park freely inside the border, but trips can't be ended outside the border (except at special car2go-dedicated Parkspots, indicated on the map).

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A car is located there and ready for you to drive

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This is a dedicated Parkspot where only car2gos can park

Number indicator

How many cars are currently in that area

Columbus Operating Area

What's a Home Area? Think of it as our operating area, where our cars free-float around the city. You can only pick up and drop off vehicles within this area and designated spots outside of it, but everything in between is up to you.

It's simple enough:

  • You can grab a car from anywhere in the Home Area
  • You can leave the Home Area during your trip
  • When you're done with your car2go, park anywhere in the Home Area (legally, of course - find parking rules here)

The car2go app is the best way to see what cars are available and where in Columbus.

Don't have the app yet? Check out a high-res version of the map here.

Any questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions:

Limited-Time Membership Special

It’s no secret Columbus is growing and we’re proud to be along for the ride. With more room to roam, getting around Columbus has never been more convenient.

We've expanded the northern and southeastern borders of our Home Area to include neighborhoods on the Near East Side, the Near South Side, and in North Clintonville.

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*Drive time credits are applied to the default payment profile, are valid for 30 days and are only redeemable in the city they are issued in. A taxable $1 Driver Protection Fee will be applied to each member's first 90 trips of each calendar year.