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We're becoming

That’s right. car2go is joining forces with BMW’s mobility service DriveNow to become SHARE NOW. It’s a big deal because we can now focus on what really matters – bringing access, mobility, and innovation to more people and cities across the globe.

About the joint venture

For the first time in history, automotive companies Daimler AG and BMW Group are joining forces to pave the future of urban mobility. A new joint venture will develop five mobilty solutions: carsharing, ride-hailing, multimodal trip-planning, parking, and charging.

As the carsharing member of the family, car2go will join SHARE NOW.

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SHARE NOW will be the world’s largest carsharing provider. With the combined global fleets of both car2go and BMW's mobility service DriveNow, there will be more carsharing cities around the world and a wider range of premium vehicles to choose from. Oh – and you’ll only need one app to access them.

  • smart, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, MINI
  • 20,000+ Cars Worldwide
  • 3,200 Electric Cars
  • 30 Cities
  • 13 Countries


What we're working on

We’re getting the app ready for bigger and better things.

Here’s what the future holds for you.

More Home Areas

We're making carsharing the new urban norm, and that means we'll be bringing shared mobility to more cities.

New Vehicles

In the future, BMW and MINI vehicles will join our fleet of Mercedes-Benz and smarts. Some cities will have enough variety that you could drive a different kind of car every day of the week.

New Features

With the global combination of two amazing teams, you can expect some really exciting upgrades to our service and vehicles that will set a new standard for urban mobility.


Will there be a SHARE NOW app?
Yes, in the future. In the meantime, you can use the car2go app as usual.

Will I have to sign up separately for SHARE NOW in the future?
This is something we're still looking into at the moment, but we're hoping to make the transition process seamless.

Meet the whole family

We’re going to belong to a family of innovative urban mobility solutions and we’d like you to get to know them, too.


Ride-hailing gives you the freedom of always having a taxi or driver – so your destination is only ever one tap away.


Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) or multimodality is all about trip aggregation and mobile ticketing – so you have a one-stop-shop to plan and pay for your trips throughout the city.


Mobile parking makes it easy to find and reserve a parking spot for your car – before you even arrive at your destination.


Electric charging infrastructure is coming to you all around the world – so electric cars can quickly become the new urban norm.

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