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Airport Parking in Portland

car2go parking is available at AirPark, located next to the Portland International Airport.

car2go gives you an airport transportation option that is convenient and stress-free (or at least, less stressful than TSA lines). Drive yourself in the car of your choice to the airport without waiting on drivers to pick you up, and without signing contracts that airport car rentals require. Avoid costly cab fares, slow shuttles, or begging friends for rides.

In addition to your trip cost, it’s just $5.00 for any trips to and from AirPark.

How to park a car2go at the Portland airport

It costs just an additional $5 for trips to and from AirPark.

  • Go to AirPark

    Enter the lot at 6935 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR, 97220. Proceed to the gate and take the ticket from the machine. Please leave this ticket on the dashboard of the car as the next member will need it to get out of the lot. The AirPark attendant will direct you to the designated car2go parking stalls.

  • Park in the car2go spots

    End your trip in one of the designated car2go stalls. The stalls are designed to fit two car2gos, so make sure you pull forward to allow room for a second car2go to park behind you. If the spaces are full, the lot attendant will help out!

  • Take the airport shuttle

    The free AirPark shuttle will pick you up at the car2go parking stall, 24/7. The shuttle leaves as soon as it has passengers and will get you to the airport in approximately 5 minutes (depending on traffic.)

car2go parking at Portland airport

How to pick up a car2go at PDX

Reserve your car

Reserve a car2go as soon as your plane lands via the car2go app – the reservation is good for 30 minutes.

Board the AirPark shuttle

Exit through the baggage claim doors and proceed to Island 1 “Courtesy Shuttles” area. Call AirPark at 503-257-2559 to request a shuttle (AirPark is 24/7). Please note that shuttles only come when called and should arrive within 5-10 minutes. When it arrives, inform the attendant you are going to pick up a car2go so they can drop you at your car.

Grab your car and go

The shuttle will drop you off at the designated car2go parking stalls. To exit the lot, provide the ticket from inside the vehicle. You can now return to the Home Area. Welcome back!