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What’s the car2go Home Area? Think of it as our operating area, where our cars float freely around DC. Here you can grab any available car2go and leave it in any public, non-metered street parking space or dedicated car2go-only spots when you're done. The best part is? Parking costs you nothing.

Within the car2go Home Area, you can:

  • Find car2go vehicles near you
  • Reserve a car2go for up to 30 minutes
  • Start and end trips near your favorite places
  • Park in residential permit parking areas

Please note: a single trip may not exceed 3 days (72 hours), unless prior authorization is obtained, and the maximum distance a vehicle can travel from the Home Area boundary is 200 miles. Members are responsible for the payment of tolls and parking charges when not parked in approved spaces within the Home Area.

See the full car2go Home Area in DC here.

The Ultimate Parking Freedom

car2go offers the ability to park for free in D.C. and Arlington. We already have the residential zone permits and parking meters covered, so it costs you nothing!

When you are ready to end your trip, park your car2go in an unrestricted, public, on-street space within the Home Area and return the key. Check the window unit or the app to ensure that your trip has completed successfully and you’re good to go! Be sure to check our parking rules below.

Where to park: ending your trip

Complete your trip by parking your car2go and returning the key in a public, on-street space within the Home Area that meets one of the following criteria:

  • Unrestricted metered parking

  • Unrestricted residential zoned parking

  • Unrestricted non-metered parking

  • Unrestricted parking spaces are those that do not have a restriction based on the time of day, such as on a rush hour street, regardless of what day or time you park. It also means that there are no other restrictions on parking at the time the trip is ended or for the following 24 hours. Completing your trip in a space that has a time limit, such as a 1-hour or 2-hour parking maximum as opposed to a time restriction, is permitted if the space is otherwise considered unrestricted. See “Where to avoid: ending your trip” below for locations within the Home Area in which a car2go should not be returned.

    Please note: If you are only parking temporarily and then resuming the same trip, certain rules may not apply. See “Where to park: keeping your trip active (stopover)” below for more information.

Where not to park: ending your trip

Citations, tows, and relocations related to improper parking are the responsibility of the member who parked it. Familiarize yourself with D.C. and Arlington parking regulations. Parking spaces that are restricted and are not valid for completing a trip include:

  • Rush hour restricted streets – Do not park on rush hour streets at any time, even if rush hour is not currently in effect
  • Spaces reserved for a particular use during any portion of the day, regardless of what day or time.
  • Spaces requiring a permit other than a residential zone permit issued by D.C. or Arlington.
  • During or 24 hours prior to any posted or communicated temporary parking restriction.
  • During or 24 hours prior to a scheduled street sweeping restriction.
  • Double parking (where permitted and smart cars only)

  • In a space that would require payment from the next member upon exiting.
  • On private, commercial, or government property.
  • In parking lots, parking garages, or driveways of any kind.
  • In an alley that is not considered public, on-street parking.
  • In any space that violates applicable laws or regulations.

Where to park: keeping your trip active (stopover)

Not ready to give up your car2go? All you have to do is take the key with you and lock the doors until you are ready to end your trip. You should take a stopover when:

  • Outside of the Home Area.

  • Parked on private, commercial, or government property.

  • In any space reserved for a specific residence or business.

  • In a legal space that doesn't meet the criteria to end a trip.

  • - In any type of parking lot, off-street space, or above ground garage (Avoid parking in underground or enclosed facilities that limit the signal needed to verify your account).

  • Keep in mind that rental charges continue until the trip is ended and any parking fees, aside from approved spaces in the Home Area, are your responsibility. You should always observe any applicable parking restrictions during your rental.

    Ready to return your car2go? See “Where to park: ending your trip.”

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