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D.C. Home Area

What’s a Home Area? Think of it as our operating area, where our cars float freely around the District of Columbia and Arlington. Here you can start a rental with any available vehicle and end your trip in any unrestricted, public, on-street space.

  • Use the app to start your trip or to locate your desired car2go.
  • You may travel outside of the Home Area during your trip.
  • End your trip by parking in an approved space within the Home Area.

Please note: a single trip may not exceed 3 days (72 hours), unless prior authorization is obtained, and the maximum distance a vehicle can travel from the Home Area boundary is 200 miles. Members are responsible for the payment of tolls and parking charges when not parked in approved spaces within the Home Area.

A map highlighting the extent of the Home Area is available here. For detailed parking information, check out our parking page here.

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