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car2go Apps

Total mobility

Let your fingers navigate

No matter what city you are in, the car2go apps will help you find the next free car2go and let you rent it on the spot. Just download the appropriate app for your mobile device. As a business client you can choose whether you drive on your private or your business account.

The official car2go app

Just get in and go – thanks to the official car2go app you can easily find, reserve and open our vehicles comfortably. Your whole rental process will be directly operated via the car2go app.

Download for iOS: as of version 7
Download for Android: as of version 4.0.3
Download for Windows Phone

Download for BlackBerry

Related Services

After driving to the train station you look for a suitable train afterwards or you are travelling in your own car, but cannot find a parking spot? With our additional services you always get to where you are headed in a comfortable way.

Download for iPhone/iPad
Download for Android

Total mobility

Let your finger navigate

There are other companys offering car2go apps using our OpenAPI. So if you look for an alternative to the official app or a supplement, you might want to scan the following options.

Popular car2go apps

For Android:

For iPhone/iPad:
Car2Go Finder

For Windows Phone:

For BlackBerry:
Car2Go for BlackBerry (with costs)

You can find several other apps in the respective stores using the search key "car2go".

More flexible? Make your own app

Do your own thing. With the car2go API

Would you like to create your own car2go app? Good! The following links contain useful information to help you on the way. The car2go OpenAPI is a good place to start.


OpenAPI Documentation
OpenAPI Google Group
Terms & Conditions


OAuth Introduction Wikipedia
OAuth Examples
OAuth in DojoX with useful examples
Visual description of OAuth at Yahoo
OAuth Playground


RESTClient (Firefox Addon)
Bachelor thesis "The Next Generation of Mobile Applications"

Lots of space for questions and answers

More questions? We have the answers!

Here you will find answers to questions that are often asked. If you have a question of your own, please write to us at the following e-mail:

Questions about car2go apps

  • Is it possible to do long-term bookings using an app?

    No. At the moment only short-term bookings can be created.

  • An app is not working. Where can I get help?

    Unfortunately we cannot provide support for third-party applications. Please contact the author if you have any problems.

  • Is there an official car2go app?

    Yes. There are official apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Questions about OpenAPI

  • May I use this API in a commercial application?

    Yes, but with some limitations. Please contact our team for further information. E-Mail:

Technical questions

  • Creating a booking returns "Operation successful", but the car is not booked. Why?

    To create a booking you have to use the POST HTTP method. You most likely performed a GET request.

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