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Just hop in

Always available, just round the corner

Straight off the streets

Wherever you are, there’s a car2go. You can rent any of the car2gos you find distributed around the spot or book online 30 minutes before you want to drive. That way you can save yourself the wait and get to your destination faster. Once you are there you can just leave the vehicle, or go back to it if you want to drive further. There’s never been such a flexible way to get about!

Take off with the car2go app

Immediately start driving.

car2go starts here and now: with your online application.

Only two more steps need to be done before your first ride with car2go.

1. Download car2go app

The car2go app is the key to your car2go. Just download the latest car2go app (Download for iOS , Android or Windows Phone ), validate yourself and then you can find and open vehicles by app and start driving. More information about smartphone based rental can be found under

2. Validate

Pass by one of our validation points and show your personal QR code, your ID card and your driver’s license. You will get your personal QR code during online-registration. Furthermore you can get your QR code on „myAccount“. You can either bring a printed version of your QR code to the validation point or just show it on your smartphone.

The easy way to get going

Always start in pole position

It all starts with opening the car2go: Simply use the car2go app to do so. The key is either on the left side of the steering wheel or in the centre console, depending on the model of the vehicle. Then you can already start your journey.

car2go app or member card?
In Hamburg and Vienna you can find vehicles with different technologies. All car2go can be opened with the car2go app. Some can also be opened with the member card. Since the member card is no longer necessary for the rental, they are no longer issued since July 2015. You can see the difference by the smartphone symbol labeled “smartphone only”. This symbol can be found in the vehicle details in the app, on the website or on a sticker located on the windshield of the car2go. Vehicles with the “smartphone only” symbol can only be opened with the car2go app.

Stop as often as you like

Stopover and over and over

Spontaneous or planned, you can make as many stopovers as you want. Important: close and reopen the car2go with the remote control of the ignition key. This keeps your vehicle reserved for you and makes the rent cheaper. You can park the car2go wherever you like. If there are parking fees, you have to pay them yourself – unless you’re using car2go in a city with free parking or you are parking in a car2go home area parkspot.

Saying goodbye is easy

See you around!

You can use your car2go for as long as you like – but in the end you have to leave it inside the home area. Any public parking space in the home area will do. As long as it’s free of charge – otherwise you have to pay the fees. The exception is cities with free parking in the car2go home area. You can end your rental with the car2go app. Therefore just follow the instructions of your car2go app. For vehicles that can be opened with the car2go member card as well, you can also just hold your member card in front of the card reader or wait for the automatic countdown. Since the member card is no longer necessary for the rental, they are no longer issued since July 2015.

Please make sure that the doors and windows are closed, the lights are turned off and that the car key is on its correct position. The rental process is finished once the car locks the doors and the display sign on the front window shows “Miete beendet”.

Everything on one bill

car2go for you. And your co-drivers.

You want to become an additional invoice recipient for (business-) partners, colleagues or friends? For instance when you’re driving to a party, but your partner is driving back?

Via “Codriver” (Membersarea / moovel-account) you can easily elect co-drivers who can drive on your behalf. All you need is the name and email-address your co-driver(s) are registered with at car2go. Your co-drivers additionally need to get their driver‘s license checked at one of our validation points.After the election, the co-drivers can decide at the beginning of each rental independently whether they want to pay by themselves or let you pay for the ride. All your co-drivers need is the latest car2go app.

Your pit stop team

Tell us your wishes

car2go is easy – and here it’s even easier: you can simply book via the Internet. We’ll look for the nearest car for you. We’re also there for you in case of an accident . And you can always call us to find out more about car2go and all about our services.

car2go Service

This is how your mobile new start works

Intelligent mobility for all.

Re-discover the city

You won’t get stuck in the city with a car2go. They’re so compact that they easily keep on going. You’ll quickly find a parking place. And the next car2go is just around the corner. Our vehicles’ availability makes your life easier.

Easy to unlock.

Open sesame

Looks like magic, but it isn’t: opening car2gos dircetly in the app. Just push the button "start rental" in the car details. Some vehicles can alternatively also be opened with your member card. You simply place the member card in front of the card reader behind the windshield and all doors open. Now your rental period begins.

Watch out in Hamburg and Vienna:
When you are searching for a car2go, look for the "Smartphone only" symbol – either in the app, on our website or on the windshield of the vehicle. You can rent them with the car2go app only.

Off to a flying start.

Ready, steady, go!

You‘ve entered your PIN? Then reach for the ignition key, which is either on the left side of the steering wheel or in the centre console, depending on the model of the vehicle. Now step on the brake pedal and move the gearshift lever to “N”. Stick the ignition key into the lock, turn it clockwise and the engine will start. If it’s a car2go electric drive, you have to wait until the performance indicator has reached its full scale . And off you go!

Automatic gear comfort.

Fast changes

The car2go’s automatic gear mode is the easy way to drive: it saves on fuel and doesn’t distract you. You can, of course, choose manual shift: just shift the lever forwards or backwards. Choose “R” for reverse. The car2go electric drive vehicles only have automatic transmission.

Open for luggage.

All is revealed!

Here’s how you open the boot: press the button in the recess on the tailgate. This opens up the rear window. Pull the window up and release the locks on the right and left side of the tailgate. It’s now ready for loading. To close the boot, reverse these steps. Make sure you hear the levers lock into place.

The big finish.

All’s well that ends well

At the end of your trip you can leave your car2go on any parking space inside the home area. Please check that there aren’t any parking fees or restrictions. To turn off the engine, adjust your shift lever to “N”, pull the hand brake and release the brake pedal. Turning the ignition key to “0” stops the engine and activates the immobiliser system. Please also read our information on end of rental.

Everything about parking spaces and energy

Easier parking, less refuelling

It’s all go

With a car2go you don’t even have to look for parking spaces; you quickly find a gap with the compact and agile smart. Please note the following parking rules .You don’t have to bother with refuelling either; our service team takes care of that. And if you do have to fill up the tank, it's on us. Just use the prepaid fuel card at our service partner SHELL. Driving can be that easy.

Leaving your car2go

The art of parking

On your trips, you can basically stop your car2go everywhere. But at the end of the rental period you may only park inside the home area. Naturally, the parking place has to be open to the public, so that the next driver can access the car2go. You can park at all parking meter locations without having to feed the meter. The fees are paid for you by car2go via Mobile City . Before leaving your car2go, please observe all parking signage and be sure to know our complete Parking Rules .

You fill up, we pay up

How to save on gas

Gas is included, since our service team is taking care of filling up the tank for you! Additionally, if your tank is less than a quarter full and you fill it up, your effort will be rewarded with 10 free minutes*. You can find the prepaid fuel card in the holder, where the car key is also stored. Please fill up at Shell stations only and with E10** gas. At the checkout, you‘ll need your PIN and the car‘s mileage, which appears either in the car2go app or on the touchscreen in the centre console, depending on the vehicle model. Please keep the receipt in order to clarify any possible questions.

* Free minutes can only be rewarded on a standard car2go account.

** If you fill up a different gas we will bill you with the cost.

Live wire

Power up

You can reload your car2go electric vehicle at one of the 100 RWE charging stations within our home area, plus 10 exclusive car2go charging points at Potsdamer Platz.

In contrast to our launch phase you DON’T HAVE TO end your electric drive rental anymore at a charging point at Potsdamer Platz. Feel free to drive anywhere you want and end your rental within our home area without connecting the car2go to a charging station.

Charging is easy peasy and is called Plug&Charge: Just connect your electric car2go with the cable, which is stored in the trunk, with a charging pole - that’s it. No extra RFID-card or QR-code necessary. In case the charging level is less than 30% at the end of your rental, you’ll automatically receive 10 free minutes when connecting the car2go to one of our charging points.

All information is also available within our e-smarts in our car2go electric drive flyer.

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