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Mobility for a reasonable price

Easy-to-understand rates.

Working out the clever way to drive

car2go is always putting you in a good mood and the same goes for our billing model. Our calculations are fair and always in your favour. By the minute, by the hour or by the day. For starters, you only pay when you use it. No monthly fees or rental subscription packages. It includes 50 free kilometres. In addition, our Best Price System ensures that we always calculate to your advantage. It works out great!

You can find the current Conditions of Payment here .

The prices are steady, you’re in motion

Good value on the go

car2go is always on the go.
But our prices stay low: You pay 0,29 € per minute and 14,90 € per hour. If you park the car between drives you pay just 0,19 € per minute. And all that without running fixed costs or deposits.

Together we are stronger

With you, for everybody

car2go is there for everybody and yet, in a car2go, you should feel as if you were in your own car. Naturally, things can go wrong. That’s why we share with you the costs occasioned by improper use. Without these fees, the car2go concept would be unworkable. This way, everybody benefits in the end. You too.

You can find our current Conditions of Payment here.

Administration fee19,00 €
Driving per minute0,29 €
Stopover per minute0,19 €
Driving per hour14,90 €
2 hours driving*19,90 €
24 hours driving59,00 €
In addition each kilometer after 50km0,29 €
Airport Fee
for Berlin, Rhineland, Hamburg, Frankfurt & Stuttgart
for Munich

4,90 €

12,00 €
End rental cost in additional fee zone** 4,90 €
Reduction deductible to 0,00 €9,90 € / monthly
Loss or damage of car2go fuel card50,00 €
Loss of vehicle ignition key350,00 €
Cost of re-parking unlawfully parked vehicles50,00 €
Towing by towing company depending on towing company's invoice
Processing of towing incidents or self-inflicted damages50,00 €
Processing of offences10,00 €
Service drive to vehicle due to customers fault50,00 €
Special cleaning or repair of the vehicle due to a violation of the car2go lease terms50,00 €
Special cases, criminally relevant facts150,00 €
Driving abroad250,00 €
Penalty fees for return debit note3,10 €
Panalty fees for delayed payment2,50 €
Usage of the hotline "Emergency and technical support" when sitting in the car2go (SOS-Button on the touchscreen in vehicles that work with the member card)free of charge
Charges of usages for the Hotline (Emergency and technical Support)local rate
Credit for refueling a car2go vehicle, only if the car2go was running on empty (less than 25 %)***10 free minutes

*until 31.03.2016
**The fee zones are displayed in the corresponding home areas at
***for driving on private account

For the power users

All the time in the world for all destinations in the city

Are you regularly and often on the go with car2go? Then make use of our advantageous car2go minute packages.

Get monthly up to 300 minutes for only € 0,23 per minute! This way you will save up to 18 EUR, which you can use in turn for your next shopping spree, your weekend errands or other nice things.

You can flexibly cancel your subscription every month.

Minute packagesMinutesPrice per monthYour advantage
car2go 120120€29 25 Cent / minute instead of 29 Cent!
car2go 300300€6923 Cent / minute instead of 29 Cent!

Get minute packages here!

The terms & conditions provided under apply.

Drive without any worries and collect free minutes

Refuelling? Included!

Pump it up!

Gas is like so may other things at car2go: it’s included. We take care of filling up the cars. Is your tank empty? Are you driving further than expected? You‘ll find a prepaid fuel card in the holder, in which the car key is stored as well. It lets you buy petrol in all the Shell service stations in Germany. To see exactly how it works, please read the gas station section . If the tank is on reserve and you fill it up, your effort will be rewarded with 10 free minutes*. You also get them if you refuel when the tank is only ¼ full.

* free minutes are valid for 30 days.

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