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Spontaneity on wheels

From A to B with car2go

Your car is everywhere


A car2go is always a pleasure to drive: book it, drive it, park it. Simple and straightforward. You can always find a vehicle in your area. You can simply open it with the car2go app and start driving. You go from A to B, park your car2go again and that's that. It's fun, saves money and helps the environment.

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Simple. Always. Everywhere

car2go gets Europe moving

Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Vienna or Rome – with your moovel account you can use car2go at any of our European locations.

Before you first use car2go, simply make a reservation via the car2go app and confirm the general terms and conditions of that country. This step is required once for each country. Subsequently you can use car2go in the appropriate countries as you are accustomed to doing: at short notice – and without a reservation if you wish.

You can also pay for car2go by credit card in all the European car2go countries. Payment by SEPA bank debit is only possible in countries with the Euro as currency.

Are you already a car2go customer but don't have a moovel account?
Then simply log in under "Log in" and follow the instructions so that you can then travel in all the other European car2go locations.

You can find more information about driving anywhere in Europe in our FAQs.

Efficiency on the go

Enjoy the ride and save fuel

car2go is perfect for the city: it’s small, agile and fits in every parking space. Plus car2go is very environmentally friendly: if you stop at a traffic light it will turn off the engine; take your foot off the brake pedal and the engine starts again immediately. This saves on fuel and emissions.

The future is now: Next to our 1200 smart fortwo 451 you can also use the new smart 453 model.

Easy come, easy go

One goal, many paths: your car2go

Right here on our website via Google Maps. On the go with your smartphone. Or right on the street: just get into any currently available car2go. That’s three ways to find your car2go. So that our vehicles are always there for you, in every situation and at every place. Always close by and ready to go. Are you ready?

Review and reserve

I’d like a car2go, please

You can get a lot done with a car2go. But how do you get to your car2go? The best way is to reserve it: you can do that up to half an hour before driving. For example, right here on our website via Google Maps. The info box will tell you more about the current location, the general state of the vehicle and the fuel level. This works just as easily on your car2go app .

Get in and go

Ready, steady, go!

There’s no point in hanging around. With car2go there’s always a quick way to get from A to B. Open the car with the car2go app, get in and drive off. You only pay for the minutes you drive and there are no complicated rental agreements. Go wherever you want and take as long as you like. To stop the rental period you just park the car somewhere inside the car2go home area.

Get going!

Ideal for every situation

car2go leaves a good impression

“Works great”

“I’ve been a car2go driver for two weeks and I’m so impressed.” “I’ve just driven it for the first time... the idea is fantastic... From A to B with no fuss…” “Despite the late hour the customer service was really friendly and helped me straight away.” These quotations from our Facebook page say it all. To help you understand the benefits better you can read about the car2go experiences of a young couple, a young family and a freelancer. Just three of the many stories in which car2go plays a crucial role.

Free minutes are a good deal

We’re out and about

We are both at university and every day is somehow different. Sometimes we go out a lot, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we take the bus or the train, sometimes we cycle. But for longer distances, we find car2go really great, especially in a big city like Hamburg. car2go is easy to park. And there is always one around the corner. And it’s cool to get free minutes for refuelling – well worth it!

Ideal for small families

Now we don’t need a second car

As a young family, a second car is just not doable at the moment. But if you’ve got children, it’s stressful without a car. Thanks to car2go I can take my daughter to school and pick her up quickly. The trips soon add up. What helps tremendously is that the short-term reservation with the car2go app works really well. I also like the low-priced parking minutes while shopping – they’re incredibly convenient.

Low fixed costs

I get more things done with car2go

As a freelance journalist, I want to keep my fixed costs as low as possible. But sometimes I spend all day moving around town: going from one appointment to the next and then networking. In the evening I go out with friends. There’s no question I need a car. car2go makes it possible: It’s cheap, usually close by, and it gets me places fast. There’s really no better solution for me.

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