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Simple. Always. Everywhere.

Simple. Always. Everywhere

car2go gets Birmingham moving

car2go has arrived in the UK’s second city, Birmingham.

Our urban mobility concept makes traditional car rental seem so yesterday.

With 250 vehicles, it’s up to you where you go.

Whether it's lunch at the Mail Box or shopping at the Bull Ring, car2go is available for as long and as often as you want.

Commitment free rental, affordable rates and it’s good for the environment.

Are you ready to get going in Birmingham ?

Watch and learn

How to car2go


car2go is easy and fun to use. Take a look at our video to learn exactly how to car2go and ensure that your trip begins and ends correctly.

Member Cards

Get ready to join!

You have 2 options to get your member card:

1. Online registration

Click ‘Become a member’ which is on our homepage

Step 1: Enter personal data, password and pin.

After completion you will receive a hyperlink via e-mail

Step2: Click on the hyperlink and enter your personal account via our homepage

Step3: Enter Credit/Debit Card data details

Step 4: Enter details for Driving Licence

Wait for a call from our staff to arrange a 3-way-DVLA Call.

Once your registration is fully complete, your member card will arrive within 3-4 working days.

2. Visit our shop

10 Fleet Street Birmingham B3 1JL

We will need the following:

- Your Driving Licence (min 1 year qualification)

- Please bring with you a debit/credit card and proof of address

Once fully registered, collect your member card there and then!

Reserved exclusively for your car2go

Park and Go

Parking is free in all on-street pay and display bays and city centre pay and display car parks that are managed by Birmingham City Council.

We cover the fees for parking in on-street pay & display bays and you can also park in any other free unrestricted on-street parking areas.

You can also park and end the hire in Birmingham City Council operated car parks but NOT any private car parks including those owned and leased out from the council. Other car parks you cannot park in include NCP, Eurocarparks, The Bullring etc. - click on ‘Parkspots’ on the home page map to see the 18 council car parks accessible for car2go - within the inner ring road of the City.

You will need to pay the regular parking charge of any other car parks and you should NEVER end your hire in any other privately run off-street car park across the City.

Permit parking

You must NEVER park or in a permit parking bay (unless you are issued with a visitors permit by a resident or business you are visiting) and you must not end your hire in these bays.

Limited waiting bays

Ending your hire in a limited waiting bay is not permitted. If you are not ending your hire, you should ensure you comply with the relevant restrictions.

Single Yellow, Double Yellow and Double Red lines & School Zig Zag lines

You are not allowed to end your hire on any of these lines.

Blue badge holders

If you are a blue badge holder you can use your blue badge to park in a designated blue badge bay, when you have the car on hire.

However, you must never end your hire in a blue badge bay.

Reserved Bays and general restriction information

You must not park in bays reserved for specific users e.g. motorcycles, taxis, in cycle lanes and where there are other restrictions such as school crossing controls or on zig zag lines at pedestrian crossings.

You must always comply with any parking restriction notice.

Penalty Charge Notices

If you are issue with one, it will be your responsibility to comply with the notice. Please ensure you read the notice and act on it accordingly as it is your responsibility to follow the local parking and speeding rules.

Car2go will be made aware when any vehicles have been issued with Penalty Charge Notices

General pointers/information

All car2go drivers are expected to follow the local rules of highways and byways.

This will include not being able to park in suspended bays, parking the wrong way on a one way street, speeding, parking on pavements, never drink and drive and driving courteously on the road.

You can still park and make stopovers OUTSIDE THE HOME AREA, just don’t forget to pay for parking if required. Please note that you cannot terminate a rental outside the home area.

Always ready to go

Your car2go is ready when you are

You are never far from a car2go. Download our car2go app and you’ll be able to locate your nearest available car2go and let you rent it on the spot. You can start trips anywhere inside the home area and end trips wherever there are qualified parking places available. You can always make trips outside the home area but car2go must stay within the designated area in Birmingham.

Remember the Golden Rule: rentals can only be terminated within the home area, parked in a legal, unoccupied place that abides car2go parking rules.

Good News: From March 20th we have an expanded home area for Birmingham. The updated area boundary is clearly marked on the downloadable map.

Click here for the home area map of Birmingham pdf

A new form of mobility has come to town

What is car2go?

Experience freedom on wheels: car2go is so flexible. Get in and out wherever you like. Drive as long and as often as you want.

How much does it cost?

How does it work?

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