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Setting success in motion

The story of car2go is like the whole concept: sensational. Five years after it started in the German city of Ulm, in 2008, car2go is alive and well in 29 European and North American cities. Over 1,000,000 members enjoy unlimited mobility with car2go around every corner. It’s a unique story of movement and freedom that makes mobile life in the city more beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Wanted: freethinkers

Using cars intelligently instead of just owning them: this is how car2go has redefined urban mobility. Why? If you live in the city you can also move about on public transport, without having to search for parking spaces. But if you do need a car, you can rely on the car2gos: they’re always available and offer maximum mobility without fixed locations. Thanks to its flexible prices, car2go is the best way to share a car. A revolutionary idea that is still the key to the success of car2go.

Care for the trees

Protecting the environment is easier said than done. That’s why car2go has created the EcoScore, a new tool which helps to determine the environmental impact of your driving style. It evaluates thee factors: accelerating, steady driving and coasting, and gives each a value from 0 to 100. The values are visualized in the form of three trees that grow or shrink depending on how green your driving style is. How does the environment benefit? Careful, forward-looking driving leads to less fuel consumption and causes fewer emissions. And it makes car2go even more fun.

And the winner is car2go

Protecting the environment is well worth the effort. car2go is currently doing its best in 29 cities on two continents. Our efforts have already been recognized: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has honoured car2go with the Clean Air Excellence Award in the category of Transportation Efficiency Innovations. Working on behalf of the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC), the EPA has honored projects and organizations that are dedicated to innovative ways of protecting the environment and improving air quality since 2000.

An Employer Like No Other

Why work at car2go? We are the market leader of carsharing in North America, and our global operation is the largest, fastest-growing carsharing program in the world. It is our priority to maintain our unique entrepreneurial spirit, and to do this, we put great emphasis on our workplace and company culture. Walk through any car2go office and you will find a talented, determined, and fun-loving group of people. Every day, we strive to make car2go a place where our exceptional individuals feel challenged, fulfilled, and able to reach their full potential. All full-time car2go positions come with a generous benefits package, 401K, and bonus potential. To apply, click here and search “car2go” to find all of our current opportunities.

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