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Just hop in

Always available, just round the corner

Right down the street

You can take any of the car2go vehicles you find distributed around you, or you can reserve an available vehicle 30 minutes before you want to drive. That way, you can get to your destination faster. Once you reach your destination, you can either end your trip in accordance with your city’s Parking Rules, or you can keep it if you want to drive further. There has never been such a flexible way to get from point A to point B!

The easy way to get going

Always start in the lead

Trips can be started using the mobile app. Watch this video for detailed instructions. Once inside, enter your PIN, answer the questions on the screen and off you go.

Stop as often as you like

Stopover and over and over

You can make stopovers at any time by leaving the car2go in use, taking the key, and locking the door. To make a stopover, simply use the remote access on the key to lock and unlock the vehicle, just as you would a personal car. This keeps your trip active so the vehicle will not be rented by another car2go member while you’re away. Trip time will continue to accumulate during a stopover.

Saying goodbye is easy

See you around!

You can use a car2go for as long as you like – but in the end you have to return it to the home area and end your trip in approved parking. Please make sure to review your city’s Parking Rules and FAQ before making a trip. To finish the trip and simply return the keys to the holder, follow the instructions on the touchscreen, and securely close all doors and windows. The windshield display unit will count down from 15 to zero. After 15 seconds, the vehicle will completely lock and end your trip. It's that easy! Click here to watch the "How To End a Trip" video.

Mobility in more places

One card. Multiple Cities

car2go is currently available in 15 cities across North America, and your member card and official car2go App give you access to the convenience and flexibility of on-demand transportation in all of them. There are no additional steps or applications required to use your membership in other US cities, but there are a few important pieces of information that you must know before using Regional Access in Canada.

Please review the Regional Access FAQs here before taking a trip in another city, and make sure to know that cities home area and parking rules before you go.

Everything on one bill

car2go for you. And your friends

Need to provide car2go access and pay for trips for a friend, family member or business partner? Adding another driver to your billing is simple with our co-driver access. They will have their own account and member card, but you can cover their charges when needed.

This is how your new mobility works

Intelligent mobility for all.

Re-discover the city

You won’t get stuck in the city with a car2go. They’re so compact that they move seamlessly through traffic. You’ll quickly find a parking place. And the next car2go is just around the corner. Our vehicles’ availability makes your life easier. And our vehicles are also highly energy-efficient: which means they’re good for the environment.

Spick and span?

Arrive with a clear conscience

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, dirt isn’t: if your car2go is dirty, the experience of driving is already tarnished. How’s your car2go looking? Please rate the cleanness after on the touch screen at the beginning of your trip.

One more request: keep your car2go as clean as possible, so that the next driver can also enjoy it.

Easy to unlock.

Open sesame

It seems like magic: opening a car2go with your smart phone. Select "Start Rental" from the official car2go app to start your trip!

Everything at your fingertips.

Touch control

The car2go touch screen gives you full control of your trip: use the touch screen to enter your PIN at the start, and to control the navigation and radio. If necessary, you can also use it to contact the service team. The touch screen keeps everything under control so you can concentrate fully on the road and getting to your destination.

Open for luggage.

Tons of room!

car2go has plenty of room for your gear. Here’s how you open the tailgate: press the button in the recess on the tailgate. This opens up the rear window. Pull the window up and release the tabs on the right and left side of the tailgate. It’s now ready for loading. To close the tailgate, reverse these steps. Make sure you hear the levers lock into place.

Off to a flying start.

Ready, steady, go!

You’ve entered your PIN? You’ve rated the car for cleanness and agreed to the questions on the screen? Then reach for the ignition key by the touchscreen. Now step on the brake pedal, stick the key into the ignition (next to the gearshift), turn it clockwise and the engine will start. And off you go!

If it’s a car2go electric drive, wait until you see READY underneath the speedometer for the car to move. The ECO score is not an indication of charge level.

Automatic gear comfort.

Smooth changes

The car2go’s automatic gear mode is the easy way to drive and can save on fuel. You can, of course, choose to drive in manual, but the default is automatic. The car2go electric drive vehicles only have automatic transmission.

The big finish.

All’s well that ends well

At the end of your trip you can leave your car2go in any approved parking space inside the home area. It is your responsibility to know the city's car2go Parking Rules and FAQ . Please check that there aren’t any parking fees or restrictions. Once the vehicle is in an acceptable parking location, follow the end trip process to complete your trip and release the car.

All you need to know about parking and more

The key to a successful trip

Know before you go!

Parking is one of the best features of car2go. One way trips mean peace of mind. The smart fortwo means virtually endless parking options. And of course, with car2go parking is paid for.

Because of all these great features, it's critical that you know and abide by the parking rules before taking a car2go trip. You can find the Parking Rules and FAQ here.

Leaving your car2go

The art of parking

One of the great features of car2go is that you don't have to return the car to your original starting point; you can leave the vehicle in any car2go approved parking space within the Home Area. Please review the car2go Parking Rules and FAQ before making a trip. You can also end your trip in car2go designated parking spaces, which are scattered around the city and easily accessible. Simply find them on the in car touchscreen or mobile apps.

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